Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moose Has a Loose Tooth!

Mica {AKA Moose} has his first loose tooth!


I told him that he needs to spit it out into his hands when it's time for it to come out. I sure hope he doesn't swallow it! Then we talked about how it's normal to bleed.

He asked, "Mommy does everyone loose teeth?"
I told him, "Yep."

It is kind of funny because cousin Evan had his first loose tooth last year, the first week of kindergarten. Mica just started kindergarten to.

Mica told me that he has to leave his window open for the tooth fairy to fly through. I told him that, that wasn't necessary. She's so small she can fly through the crack of any door. I was thinking of winter time. Having the window open for a loose tooth wouldn't be practical!

Great Aunt Becky brought Mica over this:

It's a wooden tooth box. The last time she was over she brought Mica his safari set for his birthday. The boy's told her, "Next time bring something else." I said, "Oh no! No! No! It doesn't work that way boys."

Now I need to figure out what the going rate is for the tooth fairy to leave?!?


Liz Mays said...

I think the tooth fairy has been severely affected by inflation. My BIL says it's $5!!!

Kim and Neil said...

WOW!!! Such a big man! :)


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