Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wild Goose Chase for Treating Baby Eczema

Isaak has a HUGE outbreak of baby eczema. Under his hair is red, crusty, itchy and sore! This puts Isaak at a high risk for a staph infection. Poor preschooler! At least his hair covers it up, but it's horrible!

By the way, I have to look up how to spell "eczema" every time I type it! It should be spelled, "exzema."

Anyhow, it's on his scalp. Both Mica and Isaak have had problems with eczema on their scalp since they had their major infections (Isaak with meningitis and Mica with his staph infection). I sort of blame the one thing that saved their lives (heavy antibiotics) on their eczema problems.

Antibiotics are best not to give, if possible. I think that's a big reason why doctors started laying off antibiotics for ear infections.

Probiotics have worked to help with their eczema outbreaks. It just puts the good bacteria back into their systems. I've read a few articles about how eczema needs to be treated from the inside of your body, to help heal the main cause. They also mentioned to get the probiotics that can be refrigerated. It's a live bacteria, so it needs to be refrigerated to be effective. If I find one of the articles I will for sure attach it. That was a year ago I read them.

Many creams to treat eczema contain steroids. They only work for a week, then the eczema is back again. Sometimes worse then the first time!

Our kids have always been yogurt eaters. That has helped. I've gotten both of them to like eating plain yogurt. Mica's open to Greek yogurt. Isaak only likes the the other kids of plain yogurt. I call them the sour kinds. If you mix lemon juice with plain yogurt, it makes a wonderful sour cream! Isaak's been on a yogurt strike lately. He only wants to eat cottage cheese. I in turn went for a hunt for probiotics today.

First I tried GNC. A muscular guy helped me. He knew nothing about kids, but all about nutrition. I think I'd go to him as a personal trainer more then to buy a product to give to my 3 year old. I just didn't know what to buy and how much to give. He knew which products had the most cultures in them, but not how much to give my little boy. Then I tried Walgreens. They seemed busy. They just told me what doctors recommend. I couldn't find what cultures were in the pills at all on the box. I said, "Good bye" to Walgreens. I will try No Name Nutrition on the way home.

The boys doctor said to use Selson Blue Dandruff Shampoo on baby eczema. It gets rid of dandruff, and helps with eczema to. I believe him. He's a A+ doctor. Try putting that on your 3 year old's head and washing it out. I made the mistake once. He screamed bloody murder because it got in his eyes. Maybe I'll try it again, but lay him over the counter; head into the sink. It's still hard to do with how much the squirm!

Our boys seem to get it when it's hot and moist outside.

Any suggestions for treating baby eczema are welcome!

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