Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tour of the Kids Rooms

I don't think I have ever posted pictures of the boy's entire rooms. They are my favorite rooms in the house. I put some work into them for sure. I posted Isaak's room before when he had a toddler bed, but not recently.

Here's Isaak's Doctor Seuss/Park Room:

The balls were a pain to hang from the ceiling! Our ceiling is hard, so no tacks or nails would even go in it! The small shelf on the wall has old toys on it. His sheets, pillow sham, clock and some bins are Doc. Seuss. The bed set came from cousin Ethan who is now in 6th grade. He got a loft bed for his room. Isaak got his captains bed.

 The tree is vinyl. I made the owl and birds nest in the tree out of sewn paper.

 Close ups of my paper birds:

I also made the puppy and kite below. The style of the puppy was off of Poky Little Puppy. I liked that puppy over Max from Dr. Seuss. The nursery before was green. I just put ripped tape on the walls in the form of hills and painted the top half sky blue.

Here's Mica's Street/Locker Room:

The streets were fun, but took awhile to paint. I still think about painting his ceiling with a circle road. The stop sign and no U turn were bought from Hobby Lobby. I thought about making them, but they were just too cheep and easy to buy! I did make the rd and st signs. They are all family names: APEL AVE, GARST AVE, SPIEHS LN, ANCELL AVE and SIEBERT ST. They were just printed and mounted on illustration board. I got the car pillows, bank, window valances and bed at Target.

Locker drawers. I love them!

This white cabinet will some day ( in a year or two) be replaced with a tall blue cubby locker. I got the locker for free from Golds Gym. They were throwing the locker out. I don't want to put it in Mica's room now because I fear a lot of slamming of locker doors! We may keep the white cabinet and add metal handles. Storage is always good. Mica has a much bigger room then Isaak!


Dee said...

These are really great! I love them!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)
you are such a lovely mum :D

Unknown said...

Super duper cute! I have been looking for lockers but can't find any cheap. Forgot to ask at the gym!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. That is amazing! you are one talented woman! At first I thought the dog was real :) We have a wooden tree in our daughter's room but since she likes owls, I should try something like you did. Of course, something a bit less involved and goof proof. Haha.

Jesse M said...

Awesome rooms!!! That is great :) Thanks for sharing!!

Tricia @Nightowlmama said...

looks fabulous and such an inspiration. I actually thought about doing a road but just couldn't think about how I would go about it.

You did a great job. OH let me know if you do that ceiling cause i would love to do that as well. Show me how

Veronica Lee said...

Your kids's rooms are awesome, A! And that really explains why your kids are so happy and I'm very certain they'll grow up to be very well-adjusted and successful adults.

Diana Mancuso said...

This is SO cute! I absolutely love the bird's nest and puppy!

Ai Sakura said...

wow I loved their themed rooms! Really so much effort and love into decorating their rooms.

Pity about the tree.. how about using book shelves to build a book tree? I saw a photo of it on Pinterest.


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