Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do You Laugh When You Get Hurt?

It started out like this: 

I went to suck up some leaves in our driveway. Our neighbor's tree hangs over our driveway. I'm the lucky one that gets to suck them up. Part of me is being sarcastic, another part of me is serious. I actually love my toy, the leaf sucker upper. It's like a vacuum for outside. It was my birthday present years ago. I asked for it. I also love having mulch to put down under trees, bushes and such. I hate the time part of it! The fact that it's not our tree makes the task not as much as well. Then it stirs up my allergies even when I wear a mask. I've even worn a respirator, but somehow I still breathe the crap in. 

Then there's the cord struggle! The same way parents used to fight over the heat and air; Daddy and I fight over the stupid utility cord. I somehow don't wind it up right. It gets twisted. I don't know; I wrap it around my arm in a circle. It looks packaged up to me. Daddy hates that I twist the cord up; I hate that he's so picky about a cord. I've even offered to get us two different cords. He can have his the way he likes it, and I can have mine the way I like it. It's an every year fight.

Daddy called me in for dinner. I was wrapping up the cord as fast as possible, fully aware that I might be messing up his precious orange cord. I ran in to take a quick shower. Chopped up leaves and my allergies don't mix. I have to get it out of my hair. I was rushing around like a crazy woman!

I get in the shower and slip on this:
It's a dinosaur bath play mat that Isaak loves! Well they no longer make this mat. Probably because more people like me have stepped on it and slipped in the tub!

I scraped my whole lower calf on the metal base of the shower sliding door. I mean it scraped! My whole lower calf is bruised. I screamed. I somehow got myself in the most awkward, naked position I could possibly be in!!!! Daddy came running in and said, "What is wrong! Did you break something." I started cracking up. He said, "What are you laughing at?" I said, "I really do not know how to get up!" Somehow I managed to get my naked butt up and shower. All yesterday evening I hurt with both walking and sitting. Today is better. I thought it would be black and blue. It's not yet. But you can see a wide area of where this accident happened. My skin is a pale green/blue.

I think I even laughed when I broke my foot a few years ago. I laughed after I screamed. I had to. Mica came in and said innocently, "Mommy we can leave you like that until Daddy gets home." He wasn't going to come home for a few hours. :)


Eat To Live said...

Oh... Ouch!!! That had to of hurt. I don't laugh when I get hurt, Well... it is not really a laugh I do, it is kind of a a whiny sound.
I do get tears in my eyes. I guess I am just a big baby and you are brave.

Liz Mays said...

Oh, girl. I'm so sorry you got so banged up!!! I laugh out of nervousness, so maybe that's what you were doing too. You poor thing!

Anonymous said...

oh no :'(

I hope you are feeling better now, one time I almost slipped in the bath and I was shite scared >:< you actually fell, so it would hurt...




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