Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It's midterm week at the school I teach at. I don't think the students realize this, but I hate tests to! I have mountains of paper tests besides me. I'm pretty sure I killed a tree or two. :( Next semester the students will all have MacBook Pro's. That means all their tests can be given via Star Quiz through the network. I will have no grading to do. The program Star Quiz will do it for me. :) But right now I have to settle for paper tests. A 100 question test + 57 students x 2 classes = ? I just don't even care to figure out the easy answer. That's how brain dead I feel right now.

Today I listened to PowerPoint presentations all day. It wasn't too bad. This is the first time I've given the assignment my 3rd year students turned in today. They had to create a graphic standard manual. Basically a manual for a large company explaining how their logo should be used and how it shouldn't be used. They had to create the logo, an environmental graphic, stationery, the color usage of the logo, font usage, a fake letter from the president and how not to use the logo. Many misspelled stationery. They spelled it stationary. I hate our language sometimes!

I realize with teaching our son's how to talk and how to write how the English language is confusing.

Speaking of sons, Mica got another award at school. This time it's for following safety guidelines. He has another possibility of eating lunch with the principle. I'm going to end this post with some pour English: Our boy done good! ;)


Eat To Live said...

LOL!! Yay for Mica, Boo for Tests!

I never liked taking tests, but you know what... I never thought about the teachers not liking giving tests. I kinda thought they enjoyed it. You notice I have kinda bad spelling.

Liz Mays said...

Go Mica!!! He's on a roll!


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