Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gallery Openings

Last night we went to gallery openings as a family. That's always interesting with the boys. One gallery lasted roughly 10 minutes. Mica kept asking, "Where's the food Mommy?" Lovely!

The next gallery was a little better because it's bigger, has a bench and food. Isaak sat down. Some lady sat clear on the other side of the bench. Isaak said, "Daddy a lady sitting next to me." As if Daddy could make this lady move. Then Mica tooted and laughed to point out the obvious. I was so embarrassed. I whispered to Mica in a Mommy tone, "That isn't appropriate. If you feel the need to let out gas, go to the bathroom. If you happen to toot on accident, certainly don't point it out!" He seemed to understand.

We moved on to a park with huge metal slides. They went down a handful of times.

One last gallery on the way to the car. I was sitting there with the boys. We were talking about which art pieces we liked and why. Isaak yells out, "Daddy I have to poop!" A group of people laugh. I'm glad they found it funny. Another part of me dislikes when people laugh at that kind of thing. I'm sure I'm just as guilty as the next person. It just encourages my kids to be rude, merely because it's funny to people. As if that's not bad enough. Mica chimes in, "I have to go to Daddy!" Daddy and I both wanted to hide.

Isaak's getting very LOUD and VOCAL these days! I've had to remind him to use his quiet voice often! He has one decibel and it's LOUD!

Even at home he pretty much YELL talks. I hear, "HEY MOMMY LOOK AT THIS!" many times throughout the day. He'll show me something he's shown me many times before. I have to watch what he's doing to. He keeps repeating himself until I do watch him. Then he says, "That's cool Mommy!"

Then when it comes to snacks, Isaak's new thing is to say, "One more and that's it!" After that one more, he'll say it again, and again! He actually said that at the grocery store with a sample of dark chocolate.

He also puts his hands over his eyes when he's on the potty or sitting in his car seat. I'll go to get him off his seat, he yells, "SURPRISE!" every time! It was funny the first 5 times. Now I feel like saying, "OK KID I GET IT! STOP YELLING IN MY EAR!" Instead I say, "Oh you scared me again!" ;)

I have to watch myself with yelling. I sometimes feel like YELLING because Isaak is YELL talking to me.

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Eat To Live said...

The boys certainly keep your life from becoming dull.

One more and thats it!! I have said that myself... and then I reach for more.


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