Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quest to Find a Good Winter Coat 2

I went shopping with the boys tonight. Plus I got Mica's picture taken at the Picture People. I had one of their huge coupon packages. Isaak's next in line to get his photo taken. I'm waiting for his new hat to come in the mail; before getting his photo taken.

I was hoping the mall would be dead. Huskers are playing football tonight. I hate dislike football. Of course I live in a city that goes crazy over their college football team. All non football lovers must of had the same idea as me {let's go shopping}. It really wasn't that dead.

The boys were more then crazy while waiting for our photos! I mean running, giggling, jumping and taunting one another! I had to pin hug Isaak. They are so good singly! Together it's wrestle, chase and fight. The rest of the time they were good.

My quest to look for a winter coat continued. It's my goal to find one with a metal zipper, not cheap plastic. One that will last through 2 boys. I first posted about this here. I found a heavy jacket at Kohls. It's a Silver Point Plaid Flannel Jacket.

Tonight I went to Children's Place, Gap Kids, Yonkers and Crazy 8. All of which had plastic zippers.

My last stop was Gymboree. The boys begged to go down the escalator. I had already taken going to the toy store away as punishment for misbehaving in Picture People. Did I ever mention that I'm slightly afraid of the escalator? I almost lost my balance when I was holding my cousin as a baby. Plus my older sister threatened to push me down the steps when we were kids. Kids! I just picture falling and slamming my head against the metal edges. OUCH! DEADLY!

Image found here.
All was ok on the escalator. Isaak wanted to jump on himself, but I wouldn't let him. I was expecting to find nothing at Gymboree. Their website just started featuring winter coats this week. Crazy 8 is a sister store, and their coats had plastic zippers. To my surprise I scored! Did I mention that I love that store! Not only is everything cute, but they have TV's in the back. I either needed a TV or a track for my boys! Sure things are higher priced. That's why I hit their sales rack, or catch them when they have sales. They also have Gymbucks. Kohls has something like that to. If you spend over a certain amount, they'll give you bucks to spend in their store later. This is good and bad. Good if you remember to spend it, bad if you forget or loose it. Well I remembered this time, and I didn't loose it.

I bought this metal zipper pea coat for $50. It was originally $70. I got $25 knocked off of that with my Gymbucks:

It's a little dressy, looks super great on Mica, has a metal zipper, grow room, a hood, it wasn't too expensive and it's neutral enough that any hat will work as long as it's not black. If he goes sledding, I might make him wear his crappy, hard to zip puffy coat from last year.

Other Features of this coat:
  • Microfleece lining; nylon sleeve lining
  • Detachable button hood
  • Inset zip placket
  • Front pockets
  • Machine washable
I also bought this for Isaak. I may make it be from the man with a white beard. Isaak loves puppies! He didn't have a clue what I was buying because he was watching TV. ;)

They have a whole line of puppy and train shirts right now! Perfect for my boys!


Eat To Live said...

I don't really care for an escalator either. It seems when we go to Atlantic City or Las Vegas... they are all over the place.

I had no idea there were that many coats out there with metal zippers. You have really done your homework.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why but sometimes I get a little dizzy on them. I love the coat you ended up with. The style will also last through two boys. Nice job!


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