Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quest to Find a Good Winter Coat?

I've been researching this. The coat I bought for Mica last year was good, except the zipper was not so good! It got so annoying that I'm not even sure we'll pass it down to Isaak.

J Crew has some winter coats that have metal zippers. What I like is that their website has a zoom for the products. I could get so close to see if the zipper was actually metal or not. Some were, some weren't. Their coats are expensive though. Some might say, "You get what you pay for. It will get passed down to the next kid anyhow. I want it to last." Others might say, "I don't want to spend that kind of money!" I understand both perspectives. I'm both a cheep skate, and want quality. Sometimes the two mesh, sometimes they don't.

This one is $138 plus shipping. YIKES at the cost.

I saw last year Gymboree had coats with metal zippers, but they don't have their winter coats out yet. Not even on their website. :( We actually have this store here in town.

I did stop off at Sports Authority just to see if they had any coats for boys. Their selection was really limited. The sales lady did say that their North Face jackets can be worn in the winter. No metal zipper! She did say that they have a lifetime warranty. They were still pretty expensive. I just can't see a kid playing in the snow with a North Face jacket on. 

I then went to Kohls. I didn't find a winter coat with a metal zipper, but I did find a jacket that can be worn for most of the cold days. It's a Silver Point Plaid Flannel Jacket. It was originally $48, and I got it for $28 plus 20% off! It's all soft and lined on the inside (thicker then it looks), has a hood and Mica likes it! SCORE!!!

Other places I plan on trying out: Yonkers, Dillards, Von Mour, Canfields (local camping store) and Scheels. I'll blog when I get to them, which may take me awhile. ;)


Eat To Live said...

Good Job!! If Mica likes it then you can't go wrong.
You really do your research. Since our kids are all grown, we only have to worry about ourselves.

Tweeted, I will leave the link incase you want to retweet it.!/CandidaJourney/status/118109439961206785

Liz Mays said...

The elusive metal zipper! It does make a huge difference, and like you, I've had zipper issues with the kids' coats through the years!

What I Did Today said...

Yeah. I've got to find a couple of coats for Ash. She had a bunch of hand me down coats last year (that Britt gets this year), but she's got nothing now and today was our first cold, rainy day of the season! I really like the coat you got for Mica. Very cool.


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