Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guess Who's Been Trying to Whistle?

Our 3 year old Isaak's the one! Only it's not just a regular whistle he's trying out, it's a fingers in the mouth and blow whistle.

What he does is a fingers in the mouth and scream un-whistle. Let me tell you, listening to it 10 times in the evening is annoying!

Do we ignore his new found un-tallent, do we tell him to knock it off {which is what we have been doing} or do we make him go outside on the porch to fake whistle? If we make him go outside, people in our neighborhood might think something is wrong at our house.

Fact: I have never been able to whistle a tune. I went to a camp when I was in elementary school. I was nominated as the person in our group to go eat a bunch saltine crackers and whistle. I was running against about 5 other kids. I knew I wouldn't win. Guess what? I did win! It wasn't a tune I whistled, but I was the first to make whistle sound.

I actually found a video that teaches a person how to whistle like this:


Anonymous said...

i can not whistle like that at all :'(
i can only do the plain whistle and that sounds awful...

Eat To Live said...

Hahaha.. Never a dull moment at your house is there?

I am like you... I would tell him to knock it off, but yet.... I always wished I could do that too.

I tried with the video you have here, but still, I can't do it. Good luck to Isaak in learning. If he does learn, you know he is going to drive you nuts with that piercing whistle.

I think you are between a rock and a hard place Mom!

Diane said...

My son is 9 and still trying to figure out how to whistle. Oh well! :O)

Liz Mays said...

I just tried this and I still can't do it!


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