Monday, December 19, 2011

Girls VS Boys

Some people have asked me if we will try having a girl? The answer is, NOPE. We're done. Two little beings is a lot to take care of. I know if we would have had more, we would have found a way and we would have loved them just the same as we do our boys. We decided that with the crazy economy, our bad luck with having sick babies, what seems like a full house, and busy lives that we were done.

There was one time I wished I had a girl. I thought for some reason, Mica was for sure a girl. I had all sister's, Grandma Spiehs had all sisters and Daddy had a sister. I just thought it was in our genes to have a girl. Our girl name was Savannah Claire. I still love the name.

I realized awhile ago that boys can at times be similar to girls. They are very different to.

Here are the similarities:

•Mica loved playing with Fisher Price The Little People. Really they are just small versions of dolls. They all have names that I remember. They have movies and books with these characters in them.

We have 3 Sarah Lynn's and 3 Eddie's with his Frog Freddie.

•Isaak carries around a small bowlful of these babies:

I collected them after my cousin's baby show in March. Isaak keeps them in a blue bowl and just walks around with them. Sometimes he lines them up on the coffee table, sometimes he transfers them to a small case he has and other times we step on them. It hurts just like stepping on Lego's. One day while at work, I found one of these babies in my coat pocket. Isaak had tried taking one out of the house. I put it on the front desk at work. A student that happens to have my name had picked it up and claimed the baby as her own. Where did it end up? In her paint water of course. :) A floating baby:

•Isaak loves stuffed animals. He likes them just as much as I liked my dolls when I was his age.

•Mica in particular loves to play dress up! Sure it's not fancy lace gloves and purses like when I was his age. Instead it's a super hero, a pirate, a doctor, Santa Claus and every week he claims Sunday as Sheriff Sunday.

•This last Saturday both Isaak and Mica sat down and watched The Sound of Music with me. No complaints. Mica just rolled his eyes when I wouldn't stop singing along. LOL

They sat through that musical better than a football game. Sorry Daddy!

They are all boy in other ways:
  • Everyday there is rough play.
  • Sound effects take over most conversations. 
  • Balls are thrown throughout the house. Nope, we never made a rule not to throw a ball inside. Possibly a mistake. Nothing has gotten broken yet.
  • They love to camp.
  • They love to jump.
  • Isaak loves cars.
  • Mica loves Transformers.
  • They both love to build.
Nothing is ever dull at our house. I love my boys! 


~ Noelle said...

I absolutely LOVE that shadow picture :)

Liz Mays said...

I love that they have two sides: some typical boy and a little bit of a soft side too. :)

What I Did Today said...

Most of my brothers let me dress them up as girls in one point of their lives. Such a cute pic of Isaak with his panda bear.

Saru Singhal said...

First that girl name is really unique and beautiful. I would love to have a daughter but as you said when you already have 2 kids. Things should stop before it is unmanageable.

Again, I will say what I always say, your sons are so adorable:)


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