Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Tape Dispenser Ran Away!

The other day I did what I only do while making dinner; that is using the TV as a babysitter. My kids watch very little TV. I needed to wrap presents in the worst way.

Mrs. Claus got all the gifts from Santa wrapped and hidden.

Then I was on to wrapping family gifts. During this time, is when the tape dispenser ran away.

Mica took it to hang up Christmas drawings in his window. It's the only spot I'll let him hang things. The tape can't peel off glass, but it can peel off paint.

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Over on Mica's window sill, under the blinds was the tape dispenser. This is why Mrs Claus bought Mica tape to put in his stocking.


Anonymous said...

LOL well I guess your child taking it is better than you losing it. I have lost two things of tape while being Mrs. Claus and still haven't found them hmmm...

Liz Mays said...

For years I couldn't keep tape around, and then I bought roll after roll after roll. Now I have 3 big tape dispensers and at least 25 refills and single dispensers. It's crazy!

Eat To Live said...

At least you didn't put it in with a present and try to wrap it.


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