Thursday, December 22, 2011


After Mica and Isaak got their pink poodle purses this last weekend, we went up stairs and bounced.

When the boys saw that a bounce house was set up in the YMCA gym, their little eyes lit up like gigantic saucers.

I told my boy's, "Bounce over towards the edge, so I can get a picture!" Five minutes later I heard the guy in charge say, "Don't bounce towards the edge, that's against the rules. You can break the net!" I always feel crappy when I was at fault for my boys getting in trouble!

Then I try and justify my lack of common since with thinking, "Gee wiz you should of told them the rules before going in!" Looking at the above pictures I can totally see why it's against the rules to pull on the net!

They bounced for a very long time! Mica in particular has lots of energy! The boys are with my parents this week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. When Mica gets too wound up, Grandpa Spiehs takes them outside to run up and down the hill (which is steep).

That weekend I learned that most outsiders think our boys are older than they are. They can't believe Mica is 6 and Isaak is 3. Santa thought Mica was in first grade. He could have been (he has an August birthday). When I signed them up for swim lessons, the lady at the desk said, "Ok for a 7 year old and 4 year old?" I'm like, "Nope!" Later we went to a gallery and the lady there said the same thing. When I tell people how old our boys really are, they look at me and say, "Really?" Our kids are tall!


Robin said...

There's just nothing like a bounce house for a kid, is there... :)

Have a great holiday Alissa!

Eat To Live said...

I would love to get in there and bounce with them. Looks like so much fun.

Merry Christmas!


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