Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm Not Sure How Tonight Will Pan Out

Last night, well morning at 1 am Isaak awoke, but not with sugar plums dancing in his head. He was fussy. I took him potty. Thank goodness boys go pee standing up because right after little man had stuff come out his mouth. Woo Hoo, no clean up! Woo Boo a sick kid!

This morning he didn't want much to do with eating. A banana and Jello juice is all I could get him to eat/drink. I put him down for a nap early and he's still sleeping.

I'm not sure if he'll be able to join us for Christmas Eve festivities or not?! Daddy staying home with him, while Mica and I go to church with the rest of the family.

The boys did get to unwrap one gift this morning. Their robot PJs for tonight. I told them it wasn't too exciting of a gift. Mica thought it was great though! He took his clothes off right away to put his new robot PJs on. Isaak didn't much feel like doing anything, but he liked them.

It seems like there is one kid always sick during holidays. If it's not in our family, it's Aunt Terra's.

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Eat To Live said...

Isn't that always the way. Why is it during the Holidays, the kids get sick?

Hope he felt better tonight.

New Christmas PJs.... GREAT!


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