Friday, January 6, 2012


I love Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs - they are my parents after all.

Yesterday they took Isaak, Cousin Elijah and Cousin Evan (he's still out of school and goes back on Monday) to McDonalds after preschool. Grandma said a big reason why she took them to McDonalds is because she wanted to hear Isaak say, "MikerDonalds" over and over again. I had to chuckle. Just for the record, we don't go out to eat there all that often. They also took them to Red Mango afterwards.

Today I called to check up on how things were going? I asked Grandma how Karate Kid was? I let them borrow the newest one that Mica got in his stocking from Santa. She said it was ok, but that she wished it was in English. She didn't like the subtitles. Somehow the movie was in a different language and they didn't check the setting prior to watching it. I had a chuckle over that one to. When I told her the movie can be set to English she said, "No wonder why Isaak wasn't watching it too well. He was bouncing all over the place." They get really confused when I send over Blue Ray | DVD combo's as well.

In all seriousness they are great with the kids. They babysit them and that's HUGE! Grandma has rocked them when they were babies and still does when she reads to them. They take the boys for walks; make Mica run when he get stirred up. Grandpa lets the boys help with gardening stuff. They work on puzzles. They play with them. They take them places sometimes to.


Eat To Live said...

I like being a Grandparent. But the best part is, when I am tired I can send them home and let someone else watch them.

Really, I am very close with one of my Granddaughters and the other is to busy with her friends to bother with us.

Becky Jane said...

What a blessing to have such cool grandparents! Kids can learn so many things from them...except maybe how to turn on the English on a

Katherines Corner said...

Grandma is my favorite name :-) Thank you for participating in the Thursday Favorite things hop. I hope you made some new bloggy friends. Hoping your weekend is a sweet one xo P.S. did you enter the pink poodle giveaway?

What I Did Today said...

I know what you mean. It has been sooooo wonderful to live near my family (and Tony's too) and leaving the state in a few months is going to be super hard on all of us (especially my kids). I had a good laugh over the Karate Kid mistake. Too funny!


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