Saturday, January 7, 2012

Have a Super Saturday and Sunday

This is one of Mica's latest drawings. It's him all grown up as a super hero with his stuffed animal rabbit he named, "Bloom."

What are you doing this weekend? Today we went toy store hopping.

We soaked up some fat brains at Fat Brain Toys. One of Mica's gifts from Santa, a 3D baseball puzzle was missing a piece. We returned it and got a mini Lego type castle called Neuschwanstein. Mica started it and Daddy's finishing it. It will be a project they have to do together. Tomorrow I'm going to google Neuschwanstein, so we can learn about the castle.

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We then took our fat brains and expressed some learning at Learning Express. Isaak's biggest gift from Santa had a few issues. Mrs. Claus bought a puppy that breathes. I was super excited about it when I found it. Guess who wasn't as excited about it? Isaak. He loves dogs. One of the puppy's paw's wasn't glued on good and came off as soon as we opened the box, he did not have an on/off switch (which is the biggest reason why I returned it) and Isaak took the collar off; we could not get back on. Isaak didn't look sad at all when I mentioned returning it and getting something else. Isaak did want another puppy and picked out the cheapest one there. He got a $4.99 Ty puppy. He's been cuddling with it all day. He looks at it and says, "You're so cute!" :) We also got a take-a-part airplane. Isaak loves taking it apart and putting it together! It's challenging, yet doable. Mica loves helping him!

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Have you ever gotten anything that you were excited about; then disappointed with? 

Here's the sweet Perfect Petzzz puppy I returned. He sure is cute! He wasn't perfect, cuddly and the biggest no, no was that he did not have an on/off switch!
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Amanda McCusker said...

Cool gifts! That castle is awesome, I don't know the history of it, but I've seen some amazing pictures of it. I went through toy clearance today which was fun. I got a couple birthday presents to stow away. I love going down the toy aisles :) Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I agree, I like the castle! Today we went furniture shopping. Not fun when it's something you have to be happy with for a LONG time!At first I was excited about the choices we made in furniture and designs/color but since I have a couple days before it's final I am now concerned whether I will like the fabric swatches we chose or be tired of it too soon!


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