Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Have My Living Room Back!

The tree is down. Mica and Isaak wanted to help a little too much. I suppose that's a good thing. No ornaments are broken. They just were pulling on the beads and twisted them up a bit. Nothing that couldn't be undone. Now I just need to sweep where the tree was. Daddy needs to take the boxes downstairs.

Mica had his first play date yesterday. We cleaned house then. I learned that having a friend over is a good motivator to cleaning up!

I think he's going to have another tomorrow. Yesterday it was a girl that lives two houses down. He used to sit by her at lunch. She has a brother that's in 2nd grade. If Mica goes to play over there sometime, he can probably play with both kids. Tomorrow I might have two extra boys over. I called one boy's mom, she wasn't home, so I didn't leave a message. Then the other boy's mom I left a message. The crazy thing is that both boys have the same name. They both called me back. One didn't commit for sure, while the other did. The fact that they both have the same name confused me big time! At least with Mica's generation this isn't as common as mine. In my generation there was always more than one Sarah, Jennifer, Michael and Michelle. All names I like, but more than one usually. I am noticing more than one Aiden, Cayden, Landon and Hayden for boys. For girls it's Bailey, Hailey and Kaylee. Of course the spelling of each name is always different. 


Eat To Live said...

A play date will be so much fun for Mica. It will be nice when both boys start getting invited to their friends homes. That way it will give you a break.

Liz Mays said...

Wouldn't it be funny if the one you thought was coming over turned out to the be the other one?

So nice to have your living room back and some space!

Happy New Year!


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