Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Neighbors Might Have/Could Have Gotten a Show Last Week

I kind of forgot about the story of this post all together. Last Friday Daddy had to work at an art gallery. I picked up both kids, made dinner in a hurry and we attempted to go swimming. The pool was closed, so the swimming thing only happened for a little bit.

Needless to say, I was a single mom for a night.

We walked in the door. I had my hands were very full. Isaak yells out, "I'm going to go potty in my pants!" I drop everything and run in the bathroom. He says, "I can't get my pants down!" I help him. Mica says, "I really have to go as well Mom!" In a panic I said, "Mica you can go on the back porch. Your brother is seriously going to pee his pants if I don't take him now!"

I proceed to go off a little on Isaak about how we need to go potty before we leave places. Sometimes he flat out refuses.

I pull Isaak's pants up and hear Mica come back in. I walk in the living room and notice the front door open. I said, "Mica why is the front door open?" He said, "Because that is where I went potty!" I said, "I told you to go out the back door; not the front door! Do you really want our neighbors calling the police because there is a naked boy outside?" He seemed really confused. I explained, "Mommy really shouldn't have you go potty outside at all. I just did in a panic because it's the first thing I thought to do. You need to go outside the back door, so no one sees you!" He's like, "Ok Mom." I was thinking about Mica with his pants down on his ankles, peeing off the porch and what people could have/might have seen! I just had to laugh. 


What I Did Today said...

Hahahahahaha! I can't imagine that the neighbors would do anything more than giggle about it. What little boy hasn't peed outside and possibly in front of others? And we can soooo relate to Isaak right now. Ash is notorious for waiting too long and then not having enough time to make it to the toilet.

~ Noelle said...

That is too funny...
We have had a few outdoor times as well... I chalk it up to having a boy .... lol


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