Saturday, February 11, 2012

His Butt is Getting Big

Today we ventured out in the bitter cold to get a few things. I thought we'd have to go to more than one place; instead we just stopped off at Target.

I had to get Valentine treats for Mica's class party. I dislike that their treats have to be bought. I understand it, but I like to make things. I think it's so funny that we can't bring homemade treats, yet the PTA board can sell them at their fairs to raise money for the school. I ended up buying low salt Vics popcorn and mini granola bars that had pink candy melts in them. The only problem is that those granola bars were processed around peanuts. What sweet treat isn't? Lets be honest, kids do not want healthy foods for a Valentines Party. I don't know if I should venture out yet again, or just keep what I have? If I send them, I'll also send a note that they were processed around peanuts. Then any child that's allergic can just have popcorn.

I also went through the boy's section and got Mica another winter hat, gloves, silver exercise shorts and underwear. I told Mica, "Son your butt is getting bigger, so you need some new underwear." We both had a laugh. In truth he has a tiny butt for how tall he is. I let him know that. The last time I got Mica new underwear he told the meet and greet lady at Walmart, "We're here because my butt is getting so BIG." That lady could not stop laughing. Mica was so excited to pick out new underwear this time. He picked out Cars 2 and Superhero ones. He refused to put them in the cart. He held them the rest of the time throughout Target. When we got home I un-packaged the new underwear for Mica to put away. NOPE he undressed and tried them all on. Not because I asked him to either.

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