Monday, February 6, 2012

The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Crafting - Review

I had the pleasure to review a PDF of The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Crafting by: Lisa Maliga.

The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Crafting is available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook for $4.99.

Ever since I had a hive outbreak from Methosulfate {an ingredient that was in a lotion I was using}, I've been looking into making my own bath products. 

This PDF answered a lot of questions I had. I still need to refer to it before purchasing stuff to make soap.

My favorite chapters are:
  • Soap Secrets
  • Recipes
  • Don't Make These Mistakes!
  • Resources
There are tons of recipes to choose from! I decided to try and make Bars of Coffee 'n Cream Soap.

It's really pretty easy. Mica helped me chop up the soap base. He loved the whole process of making soap.

I put it in a double boiler. Then added ground coffee and powdered goats milk. I decided to stay simple this first time and skip the optional coffee fragrance. I kind of wish I would have added it. There's always another time.

Silicone molds work really easily for putting the soap in and when it's time to pop them out. I used a heart shaped one. Here's how they turned out:

This particular soap is for the kitchen. It's an exfoliating soap that is meant to take away strong kitchen odors.

I want to try a few more soap recipes. I think: Oatmeal + Honey + Goat's Milk Soap sounds wonderful. I know my older sister would love the Jade Buddha Soap!

I think when Christmas time comes up next year, my family and teachers are getting homemade soap on their packages.

To follow Lisa Maliga, the writer of The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Crafting, you can go to:
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Unknown said...

My daughters would go crazy over this! I'm going to mark this down for spring break activities!

Everything Shea ... Creates said...

You did a wonderful job of making the soap & am glad your son helped you out! Great photos, too! :)

Eat To Live said...

What great Christmas presents the soaps you make will be for your friends and family.

I have never tried making my own soap.


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