Saturday, February 11, 2012


Mica's really into learning about the presidents! He's learning about them in school. He had some off thoughts. He thought Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were friends. I'm just glad he knows about them and seems interested in what he's learning.

He made this image at school of Abraham Lincoln's log cabin:

Looks like pretzels are good for more than just eating!

Today he wanted to draw George Washington. I said, "Well let's look him up."

File:Gilbert Stuart Williamstown Portrait of George Washington.jpg
Mica drew George Washington and got all frustrated because his drawing looked nothing like the image we looked up. Daddy said to start over and draw in pencil instead of crayon, so he could erase. That's what he did. This is what he ended up with:

I thought for age 6 that's pretty darn good! I helped him put a pattern in the hair. 

Did you know that George Washington wasn't our first president? You can read about that here and here. Daddy has a text book that talks about each and every president. George wasn't the first.

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Eat To Live said...

I think he did really well with Washington. He sure can draw better than I can. I wonder what it is that makes some people so artistic and then there are those like myself. Not an artistic bone in my body.


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