Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why Ask, "Why?"

Isaak's officially in the "Why?" stage. Sometimes it's more noticeable than other times. When we read books he asks, "Why?" every time I turn the page.

Why ask "Why?" I told Mica that it's important for Isaak to ask, "Why?" because it means that he's learning. That's a good thing! I also explained that if he ever had a question in school to ask the teacher. Questions are great! They answer those gaps that were not quite filled.

It's only a problem when I read books that really don't answer, "Why?" I read this book by Dr. Seuss:

I didn't really know why a Wocket was in his pocket? Every page Isaak asked, "Why?" I had a hard time answering. I just said, "Well that monster likes to hang out in his pocket. Wocket rhymes with pocket. That's how they got that monster's name. It's very ironic that I'll be talking about Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss tomorrow in my Illustration class. He's an important part of Illustration history!

Next time I'll pick a more logical book to read.

While we were reading I leaned over to Mica and whispered, "Mica this will take a LONG time to read! Isaak's in the 'Why?' stage. Every page I turn he'll ask that question." Sure enough Isaak did. Mica looked over at me and laughed.


Eat To Live said...

That Why stage can drive you nuts sometimes, but you are right, that is how kids learn.

Veronica Lee said...


Did you ever have a feeling there's a wasket in your basket??

I totally agree! Next time, pick a more logical book to read!!

~ Noelle said...

ha ha... i can only imagine how it will be when broxton starts on the WHY stage


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