Monday, February 20, 2012

Mystery Shoes

Tonight Isaak had his last swimming lesson for a little while.

Mica sat out of his. Since Mica has an ear infection, we played this lesson by ear. We got the doctor's ok, but Mica told us before lessons that his ear felt a lot of pressure. So...he sat out.

After Isaak's lesson, he was getting dried off. I said, "Isaak can you get your shoes?" Isaak said, "I can't find them. It's seriously a mystery Momma!" He's starting to talk all funny like!

For the record Isaak's no help when he gets out of the pool. He wants me to dry him off, me to pull his swim trunks off, and me to put his dry clothes on. All while he wines about being wet, cold, says, "I can't do it!" and spins around in circles the whole time. I love that little punk!


Eat To Live said...

LOL.... I am sure it isn't funny to you when it happens but one day you will look back on it and laugh.

Lindsay said...

Haha, Isaak sounds like such a character! Hope Micah is feeling better today...

Saru Singhal said... don't know how to swim but it's fun. Tell him he will have fun in summers...:)


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