Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day

I woke up with a sour stomach. No one else did and we've all had the same food. My stomach has always been on the sensitive side. I have to say that I'm lucky because there was one year I was sick to my stomach over and over again.

I made breakfast anyhow. Green whole wheat waffles, eggs and a banana. The boys were excited about the green waffle.

Mica told me how a leprechaun visited his school and left a green shoe in the classroom.

Then I laid around the rest of the day. I ate nothing, but drank a lot of water. I read to the kids, we played War the card game and we watched a movie.

Later on I saw that a blogger friend put on Facebook green dye in her toilet. I did the same. Mica went in to go potty and said, "Mommy a Leprechaun peed in our toilet!" He wanted to call everyone to tell them. He told Aunt Angela, "If you see any GREEN call me! I'm a Leprechaun hunter you know!" That was pretty funny! I told them both to go potty on top of the green for good luck. We're odd!

Kind of a new part to this post: We got crappy mail today! Daddy got papers in the mail - summoned to be on jury duty. 

So to not end the night with jury duty in our heads I pulled out episodes of The Cosby Show. That's right I bought their best episodes on DVD for super cheep. We all had good laughs. Our boys have never watched The Cosby Show. It's one of the best shows on air I think. Along with that I bought Disney - Swiss Family Robinson. We watched that earlier this week. It took 2 nights to get through it. I'm reading them the book as well.


Eat To Live said...

Sorry to hear you had an upset stomach on St Paddys Day. I love the Green pee by the way.

Jury Duty!! I have wanted that for years and they have never sent me a request. I want the jury I get on to be sequestered so I can stay in a motel and have lots of peace and quiet. LOL.... I would probably hate being on jury duty as much as everyone else does.

Liz Mays said...

The Cosby Show is classic and brilliantly funny!

Love, love the green toilet water. So fun!

Natalie said...

I will have to try the green potty water LOL

Swiss Family is my favorite as a child! And Bill Cosby you can never go wrong!

Hope you feel better!

~ Noelle said...

hope you are feeling better now :)
i LOVE the green toilet water... we will have to try that next year!


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