Friday, March 16, 2012

Yesterday I Was Proud

I took a 1/2 hour lunch, so I could leave early to go pick up Mica at Jump Rope for the Heart. He was so excited to do this.

I have to say that I was leery. I was worried because at the Y he couldn't jump rope. He started crying because he was tired and frustrated. Mica doesn't cry often at all!

Mica decided he wanted to participate because there was going to be a big party in the gym with music and snacks! They rope the little tikes in. Advertising is key!

I went to pick him up not knowing if he'd be in tears or all smiles?!

This is what I saw: 

He had a determined look! His teacher was clapping for him! She said, "All Mica will do is jump backwards, but he's jumping!" His hair was so sweaty! I'm so glad Daddy gave him a summer hair cut the night before! He jumped for the full hour! No he wasn't graceful, he missed like 1/2 the jumps, but he figured it out. His teacher handed him a snack of apples. 

Mica picked out a prize and got a pick gulf set and an adult t-shirt. I put on the form that he wears a small child's t-shirt. Everyone ended up getting a prize. It wasn't as organized as the form stated. Mica wore the HUGE t-shirt to bed for a pj shirt. He was really happy to be wearing it. The pink gulf kit is going in storage. It will be next years White Elephant gift for my work. 

Jump roping isn't all Mica learned how to do yesterday! Mica can offically snap! He came in my room showing me his trick. Isaak was bummed he couldn't figure it out. I told Isaak, "In due time son. You'll learn that sooner then later."


~ Noelle said...

awe :) i bet he was so proud!!!!

Eat To Live said...

Yay Mica!! Jumping rope is no easy feat and boys are not as good as girls at it for some reason.

Also congrats to Mica for snapping his fingers.

StarTraci said...

Yay, Mica! I love that he didn't give up. That's so tough at that age.



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