Friday, April 6, 2012

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's Way

I've been pretty relaxed about Easter this year. Usually I just put the hunt together the day or night before. I find if I do it too far ahead I get confused trying to figure out which eggs I was going to hide where.

The hunt I put on makes them think. I put clues in one master egg that stands out because it's bigger or a different color then the rest and give them a clue where to go to find the next set of eggs. The boys really get into it.

Mica loves the hunt so much that he asks me to put on a scavenger hunt for their cousins Evan and Elijah and then Mica and Isaak all join in. Maybe later in May we will do just that. Usually that hunt is just written clues that lead them all over the place just to find a special snack. I warn them ahead of time what the hunt is for. I make sure they know it's just for fun and not to get all kinds of candy or toys.

Back to Easter- I have to decide crazy spots to hide things. Mica wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny asking him to put Mica and Isaak's names on the eggs. I told Mica that I don't know where the Easter Bunny lives, so I couldn't send the letter out. So far the Easter Bunny just hid even number of eggs. Do I spend the time writing their names on the eggs, or do I just do what the Easter Bunny has always done?

We are having a big get together with extended family on Sunday. We'll eat two big meals and the kids will have another hunt there. I still have to decide what to bring to eat. I want to do one veggie dish for sure. I will probably do an additional veggie dish because we're usually lacking in veggies. I want one to be more Easter{ish}:

I may just cut out slices of different cheeses then use a cookie cutter to cut out bunnies. Then put veggies and crackers on the same plate. I'll just have to see what I have time for.

I made brownies for Daddy's work today. I frosted them, put cookie crumbs on top of the frosting and put my carrot cookies on top. The boys were so jealous and wanted some in the worst way. One of those may be made for Sunday's dessert as well. That was ubber easy! It literally took only minutes to make. Minus the baking time, oh and I dropped an egg on the floor! YUCK!

We may have the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny both visiting on the same night. That happened with the Tooth Fairy and Santa. Mica's bound and determined for that to happen.

What are your Easter plans?

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~ Noelle said...

broxton had an egg hunt today.. that is about all we are doing on the egg hunt side of things :)


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