Friday, April 6, 2012


We went out to dinner tonight. Just a reminder to myself now, make reservations for a Friday night! The first two places were PACKED. Daddy wanted to go to KOBE Steakhouse, but there was a 2 hour wait. No thank you! We ended up go to Grisanti's, which is similar to the Olive Garden.

Mica stops the waitress and says, "Guess what it's my Mom and Dad's anniversary!" :) Then he says, "I lost a tooth today!" :)

He kept wanting us to kiss. What little kid wants to see their parents kiss?

Later he says to the waitress, "Guess what I did stone carving for the first time today!"

Isaak wasn't too vocal with the waitress, but he went on and on about how he doesn't like food that has steam coming out of it.

Overall the boys were very good. No climbing on seats, no trying to climb under the table, or other annoying things. 

Isaak told us he didn't like "Womens" supposed to be "Lemons" very much. His treat on the way out the door was a lemon chocolate stick. Daddy said, "You don't like women?" He kept saying, I don't like womens." We all had a good laugh.

On the way home Isaak insisted we clap for a made up song that had no words.


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Eat To Live said...

Sounds like you had a nice anniversary with the kids. One day, they will want to be with their friends instead of you two, then you will get to celebrate anniversaries alone and probably wish for the good ole days.


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