Sunday, May 20, 2012

Punishment on a Birthday

It was Isaak's birthday yesterday.

In the morning Isaak unwrapped a few gifts from us. His party isn't for another week yet. Yesterday was pretty low key. Mica immediately wanted to play with all of Isaak's toys. Does anyone reading this have any rules about birthdays and siblings? In my book the kid who has a birthday shouldn't have to share for that day. It's their day. Daddy thinks it should be that way for a whole week. We just saw again today how Mica tried to take over Isaak's toys. 

Isaak got a Spider-Man truck, a little boy/puppy set and a game called Lost Puppies. Walgreens had these little tiny puppies that light up, bark and say, "I love you." Two of those 50 cent puppies were his gift toppers. He was excited. Mica immediately wanted to play with Isaak's Spider-Man car, then he wanted to take the little boy/puppy set out of the box. We said, "Nope!" to both of Mica's wants. Mica's green with envy.

We had a great breakfast. I made Juneberry muffins! Yummy! Off to swimming lessons we went.

We went to Toys R Us where Isaak picked out his gift with Grandma and Grandpa Apel's money. I knew Isaak wanted something called My Pet Butterfly. It's a butterfly in a jar that flies around when you tap on the jar. It was on clearance. Isaak's been eying it since the last time we went there. He also got a remote control car that's for ages 4 and up.

We made a Whole Foods run and came home.

Mica and Isaak helped take things in. I had lot of groceries to bring in the house.

The moment I got upstairs after unloading things downstairs I hear an, "Oh no I can't believe you did that Isaak!" I went in to Mica's room and Isaak's new remote control car was ripped out of the box by Mica. Isaak had taken Mica's scissors that he was using to cut open the packaging and cut the car's antenna off! I maybe should have taken a time out. I was mad! The boys must of known because they both looked ashamed. I was upset with Mica for taking Isaak's new car right out of the box! Especially since we told him, "No!" about that earlier! I was upset with Isaak for cutting something he shouldn't of! I got on Mica's case more. Daddy tried out the car today, and it worked. It buzzed around this house like it didn't need an antenna. Thank you car! If the boys had a concept of what money was I probably would have made them pool their money together and go buy another one. Instead they had to go down for naps yesterday. Then help me clean today.

I have to say that after a nap Mica was nice! He frosted Isaak's cake and added sprinkles on it. Then he helped me with dinner. We played Isaak's new puppy game as a family. Things did get better.

We had cake and Isaak got to unwrap his last present from us. It was a Melissa and Doug Mosaic Tile Set. Then we watched a movie - Isaak's choice.

Today was a cleaning day. The boys helped me vacuum out the couches, we swept, we did the laundry (bedding) and cleaned out the refrigerator. I decided that cleaning out the refrigerator is one of my least favorite jobs. That and cleaning the toilet! Their punishments helped me get stuff done.


~ Noelle said...

i can not stand cleaning the bathrooms... that is marcs job :)

Liz Mays said...

I would have been really mad too, but I'm so glad that the car still worked! (And that you had some clean-up help.)

Eat To Live said...

Never a dull moment is there? Isaack got some really neat toys, no wonder Mica was a little green with envy. But, you are right, it is Isaaks birthday and he had to watch Mica have his toys on his birthday.

I wonder why he cut the antenna off.... he must of thought it didn't belong there.

Anonymous said...

My children are far enough apart that they didn't bother each other's toys too bad. I know if they were closer like yours I would think not sharing for at least a day or two would be a good idea, maybe even a week would be nice so more of the new wore off and it didn't pain them so much to share. :)
I'd rather clean the toilet than the refrigerator. Takes too long and usually has something that has spilled and has become a sticky mess!

April G said...

Whew, good thing the car still worked!

I forsee a lot of this kind of birthday drama in my future, since my kids are only 2 years apart (well, and of course I have the twins too), so they already argue over toys all the time.


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