Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Event at Preschool

I joined in on the Mother's Day Event at Preschool today. They Call it a Mothers Day Tea, but there was no tea served. I guess it was a Mother's Day Coffee.

The kids did all these things for their moms, including me:
  • They made us muffins. 
  • They sang us songs.
  • They painted flower pots for us. Then planted flowers in the pots.
  • They colored us cards.
We ate, we joined in in singing songs, we read mom related books. It was nice.

Here's my new flower pot. Isaak took the picture.

Here's my eclectic boy. Daddy said Isaak's tie didn't match. I said not matching is the style.

Isaak was so excited to see me at his preschool! I hardly ever get a chance to take or pick him up.  Working full-time has it's downfalls sometimes.


Unknown said...

AWW! Adorable! My daughter had the same reaction when I picked her up last week (I work FT too and never get to pick her up) was so nice:)

What I Did Today said...

How fun and thoughtful! Good picture of you. And I think Isaak's shirt and tie look awesome together. :)

Eat To Live said...

Love the yellow marigold and yellow is your color. My Granddaughter looks great with yellow, well one of them does. The other is more of a pink person.

That teacher sure went to a lot of work for the kids didn't she.

Dee said...

How cute!!! Our Mother's Tea is Thursday and I thought it was going to be a tea. :) I guess now I know what to expect!

Liz Mays said...

LOVE it!!!! I'm so glad you got the chance to go, and I'm liking the two patterns together!

~ Noelle said...

he is ADORABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and that flower pot ROCKS :)


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