Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Shoes

I'm lucky that Mica's feet do not grow fast. Cousin Evan and Elijah's feet grow very quickly! With that I often forget to check Mica's shoes. His toes had a little room in his tennis shoes, but very little.

What to look for in a kids shoes? 
  • They need room to grow, but not so big they are floppy when they walk or run. We had him walk, run and jump in the store. Usually the last two things are a HUGE no no.
  • For kids ages 5 and up they really should have mostly tie shoes. They need to learn to tie shoes and practice their fine motor skills. I know velcro is easier, but kids need to learn and practice.
  • Treads are important. Many stylish shoes have very little traction. I've made mistakes buying shoes like this before. Converse and skate shoes are the worst for traction. They slip around in them. I've slipped (pun) and bought trendy shoes before. It was a bad idea.
  • For sandals I try and get ones that cover their little toes. They to should have good traction for running, jumping and walking in the rain.
Last night we all went to Kohl's to get some shoes for Mica man.

I have to say the older they get, the more the selection goes down. Especially in sandal area. Come on stores, it's not even officially summer yet! Let's wait until my birthday June 21st before taking away the summer selection! I look over at the girl's section and they have a lot of options! :( Plus the older they get the more expensive their shoes are!

We ended up getting him 3 pairs.

Standard tennis shoes. I bought 1 size up, so they will fit him in the fall. He's in big kid sizes now!  We got him a pair of size 2.

These Fila Sport Shoes were originally $54.99 and on sale for $39.99. They had just as much treads as the Nike shoes he tried on.
We got him shoes that could be used for dress up, but would still pass for gym class. Again 1 size up, size 2. Hey if I can get shoes that will work with dressy, casual and the gym I can't go wrong.

These Sonoma Shoes were $39.99.
Tennis shoes are a must! We go to the Y a lot. We signed Mica up for a summer fun program at a local community center. I know they want him in tennis shoes. In school if your child doesn't have tennis shoes they can't participate in gym class.

Then we got him one of the last pair of sandals that were on the shelf, that were his size 1. Luckily they were a kind that were supportive and on sale! They are not even on their site anymore.

Shoe shopping is hard! Much of the time I get hung up in what's "Cute" and forget about the true function of what a shoe is for.  It's only been since I've had feet problems that I started to be really conscious of the function of a shoe. Daddy's actually helped a lot with shoe shopping! He's very particular, which is a great thing!

I'm lucky I had an extra 15% off card to use. These shoes can get used a second time with Isaak and maybe third time with Emerson. I love handing down things.


Anonymous said...

Those Sonoma shoes are adorable. I bought both kids shoes online not long ago and was very disappointed in the traction on a pair for Gav. They were so slippery!

~ Noelle said...

We were lucky.. When Marc got back from deployment, we bought Broxton several pairs of shoes in different sizes (they were all on sale at the base for like $6 a pair!)
Couldn't beat that...
Of course, that was over 2 years ago,so now it is time to start looking at getting shoes again...
fun fun fun!

Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

It's crazy how quickkly they grow out of them!


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