Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What to Get?

Cousin Emerson turns a year old towards the end of June. I'm trying to decide what to get him?!? We share almost the same birthday. Aunt Terra's due date was on my birthday. He's beat his odds. His little life has in no means been easy on everyone. He is however a very sweet, cuddly boy! The odds say that with Trisomy 18, only 10% of babies make it past the 1 year mark. He's almost there!

I know my sister is asking for her family and friends to bring money to donate to the SOFT organization. That is an organization to help support Trisomy 18. I'll do that. I want to get the little man something as well.

We have a lot of boy stuff. But I want something unique to Emerson.

I thought since his brothers and my sons are so into superheros one option is this Super Baby Romper with his name on it. Emerson is his brother's super hero.

Another option is to get him something to help him with his physical therapy. I'm still searching! I'd like something that lights up, that he can hold onto. He loves stimulating toys like that. It's not easy finding toys for special needs babies! I did find these blocks from Haba. They have bells and different things inside each block. He's not there yet, but maybe will be in time.

I know it's very unlikely, but if you know of any sites that are geared towards special needs kids, please let me know. If not now, sometime in the future I'll be looking for more toys for little Emerson.


~ Noelle said...

i think the super hero outfit would be great for him! i will let you know if i come up with any toy companies that would be good..

Eat To Live said...

That super romper is A D O R E A B L E!!


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