Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy in the Ghetto

This post is random, but I still have pictures from our trip. I've got to post them sometime.

We were in Chicago. We were staying with a guy named Sam. He was Daddy's roommate in college, his best man in our wedding and a friend of mine to. He's a trucker and has crazy hours 2-2. Most of our trip we didn't get to see Sam. One of our last days in Chicago Sam was off of work and got to go site seeing with us. I let him pick where he wanted to go. He wanted to see the Science and Industry Museum. Our whole way there the boys kept saying, "SAM, SAM, SAM!" until he'd answer them. They also fought over who was going to sit with him on the bus and subway.  They were very happy to have Sam with us that day!

Somehow on our venture we ended up in a not so hot part of Chicago. Sam was freaking out a little. He never takes the bus or subway anywhere. The boys weren't freaking out! They were as happy as can be! We had to wait and wait on a bus to come and get us. The building we stood at had chipped paint, but it said it was a monument. A very unkept monument! Graffiti and trash were all over.

Look at how happy the boys are! :) I wish they were this way all the time!

 Here are the boys with "SAM, SAM, SAM!"

Here we are as a family.

Daddy thought this was a cool shot. We're artists, what can I say?!

This sign cracked me up! I didn't know if I was looking at a sign that was racist or if it really was just odd! My guess, just odd. The whole area was odd.


Eat To Live said...

We are thinking we might go to Chicago soon. Not sure, we have a lot going on this summer and I don't like to go anywhere in the winter unless it is really warm there.

Sam must of really impressed the kids....

Don't you look nice in your shades and cute earrings. You are very pretty Alissa! Your Hubs isn't to shabby either.

Liz Mays said...

Funny how the kids were as happy as could be and oblivious to anything but SAM, SAM, SAM!

~ Noelle said...

what a great family photo!!!!!!
lol, i am glad the kids enjoyed SAM, SAM, SAM... sometimes kids are hard to warm up to adults...

What I Did Today said...

Love the whole family picture. Don't think I've seen one of those one here before, have I?

carol l mckenna said...

Great shots ~ happy family ~ loving ~ thanks ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

momto8 said...

sounds fun!! and great pictures!


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