Thursday, July 12, 2012

Warrior Poet Clothier T Shirt Review and Giveaway!

I knew as soon as I saw the t shirts on Warrior Poet Clothier that Mica had to have one. They just fit his personality so much! He's the adventurer, creative thinker, and a free spirit in our house. Warrior Poet Clothier fits all those categories.

On different days Mica can be seen dressed up like Indiana Jones, a Native American, a super hero or often times puts on a tie for no apparent reason.

We were given the t-shirt Live Like Heroes to review. They described the shirt on their website like this, "This shirt is cloaked in Valor and the battle-tested shield tells stories of legends passed down through the ages." It's perfect!

Warrior Poet Clothier has awesome shirts for boys! Everyone I know that has boys say they are hard to shop for! There's just not a lot of stores out there that have adventurous shirts. If a boy is into sports, they are set. Some are not. Part of Warrior Poet Clothier's mission is to be, "Balanced, stronger than most, more thoughtful than most–part of the leadership class who guides with wisdom and courage." - Gotten off Warrior Poet Clothier's site. When I find a place that has great boy clothing I brag about it.

My nephew that usually refuses to take pictures, tried on Mica's new shirt. He liked it. He was pretty happy to be wearing it.

The back has a shield and the front has continued straps that mimic holding up the shield and it says,

"What if we all lived like heroes?"

 Here are some of the garment attributes:

I've washed the shirt twice. It washes to fit the size it says it is. The color stayed just as vibrant as when it first came to us.

Now it's time for the giveaway! One winner will have the chance to choose their own shirt from Warrior Poet Clothier if the size is available. If they are out of stock in a size you need; they will choose a shirt for you. You will not be unhappy. All their shirts rock!

A $28 value. This entry is for US residents only.
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Allison Seth said...

Cool shirts. I'm drawn to the "Red Writes the Blues" - all American and tough looking.

~ Noelle said...

tough choice.. i like red writes the blues... as well as basic training... obviously because of marc.. but then i like the faux sure too :) thanks

Eat To Live said...

This one is pretty cool

Faux Sure

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

He looks so cute in that shirt! said...

The red "I've Got Your Back" is my choice. Thanks

Barb K. said...

I like the Red Writes the Blue T-Shirt. It is All American.

amy beth marantino said...

i like PUNK GUITAR.... we are all about guitars around here.

Kelley F said...

I like the Phoenix Rising shirt.

Aleksandra Nearing said...

I like the Fight for your right tee

What I Did Today said...

Those are really cool. Now I just need a little boy. ;)

TinyTyrant said...

I like the Faux Sure

A Touch of Class For Less said...

I like the fight for your right tshirt

Unknown said...

I love the Red Writes the Blues shirt (love the whole concept of this company)


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