Monday, August 13, 2012

Kung Fu Panda Party - Games and Fun

A great way to reuse a clothes line: Make a Water Balloon Piñata off of it. I love the idea of saving money by drying clothes on a line. Lets face it, I don't want to be sleeping in sheets that have pollen in them. Our line has sat empty for years. This weekend I put it to use:

Note: If you planning on doing this, don't do it too far in advance. I did this in the morning. The boys had swimming lessons the morning of Mica's party. I wanted the Water Balloon Piñata ready to go! Well when I got back from swimming lessons many of them were popping and my niece Kailey (the boy's oldest cousin) helped me hang new balloons.

 It was a hit! The boys and girls LOVED it! Here's Mica wacking the Water Balloon Piñata:

I can show this girl's face because it's hidden:

She beat the heck out of the balloons!

Here's Isaak beating them:

My boss let me have the Kung Fu Panda movie poster that were hanging in the school. They get posters, hang them, then take them down when new movies come out. Brave took it's place.

Daddy hung one on our front porch:

Then I thought the other 2 could be used for a Slip n' Slide:

Let me tell ya they slipped and slid!

Here's Mica and Isaak slipping and sliding after the party:

Then we had cake:

Unwrapped gifts:

Note to Mom's and Dad's with 7 year olds: Have a talk with your kid about gift etiquette. I told Mica ahead of time to thank everyone and give them a hug. Well he did that. But he also said when he pulled a small toy out of a big bag, "Oh that's all." Then he said when he got a toy he already had, "I already have this." Inside I was thinking, "Oh no! I have an ungrateful son." I think he's just blunt like any kid his age.

Then I took a group shot of them with their Fu Manchu mustaches on.


~ Noelle said...

i have got to tell my friends about the water balloon pinata... they would love to do that with their kids parties

Anonymous said...

Those posters were huge but like you said perfect for a slip and slide!
l liked the pics of the kids hitting the water balloons the best. I think I'd like doing that too :)

Liz Mays said...

Your movie poster slip and slide was brilliant! And the water balloons thing was so fun too. You made it a great party!


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