Monday, August 13, 2012

Mica's 7 Year Birthday

Mica was lucky. He had a very good birthday.

We had him open presents at Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' house before we left for work:

He got this backpack, a Batman Lego set and a game from us called Blurt. After I got him this backpack I came up with a wonderful idea. For Isaak and Mica next year I want to buy a nice plain backpack. Then every year I can buy a sew or iron on patch to switch out of that plain backpack. Then change their minds on what they like twice a year I swear.

He looks so big in this shot to me!

Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs took them to the new Ice Age movie. Then they went to have lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Mica's still talking about how good the food was there. They got him a Angry Birds board game.

We went to The Amazing Pizza Machine. Mostly because I've been wanting the boys to experience bumper cars. Previously they have never been on bumper cars.

Mica looked like he was on a mission.


Isaak was happy to drive something.

Blurry I know.

Afterwards Isaak said, "Mommy I didn't mind it when people I knew bumped into me. I just didn't like it when people I didn't know bumped into me." Somehow him saying that didn't surprise me.

Mica chose to play miniature gulf.

Then Daddy and Mica drove the go karts.

I got a lot of pictures that looked like this:

The slow down:

They played on a no ticket construction. Then we went home to put the boys; we cleaned for Mica's friend birthday party the next day.

Mica really had a blast this birthday. From getting all those gifts to spending time on karts. So we celebrated his birthday this way. Such a great way to hit his birthday goals! If you are also planning a birthday occasion for your kid's then you can visit birthday inspire, where you will find thousands of ideas for planning a birthday. Maybe you will also get some unique ideas to plan someone's special birthday.


Veronica Lee said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Mica! He's one handsome kid!

~ Noelle said...

looks like yall had fun.. and mica is getting so grown!


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