Sunday, October 7, 2012

Flu Shots

The last 2 days we did a lot of errands. Not my idea of a great time, but they needed to get done.

Yesterday it was flu shot day. The boys had an appointment to get theirs done in the morning. 

In the car Isaak said, "Are we going to get a shot?"

I said, "Yep. Getting a shot isn't that bad. It feels like a pinch and then the pain is over. That spot where you get a shot may feel like a bruise later. The shot you are getting today protects you from getting Influenza. Daddy got that once, and he missed two weeks of work. Some people who get sick a lot anyways can die of Influenza. There are shots for all kinds of things. Many are to protect you from diseases like Polio. Grandma had that, and she's still having issues from it today. Mommy had to get allergy shots when I was little. It was supposed to make me better. Maybe it did. I think people make too big of a deal about shots."

I left out the part that some adults HATE shots, that I used to hide from my Mom when it was time to get my allergy shots and that many people opt not to get a flu shot.

I probably over talked that one. The doctor's office is a ways away. I figured I may as well cover their worries.

Isaak said, "Well Mica's going first."

When we got in the office Mica picked up a book to read it right away. Sort of to avoid getting a shot.

I said, "Ok Mica you are first."

Mica said, "Oh no! Isaak's first."

I said, "Come on remember it's just like a sting. Then it's done." I had to hold him down.

He got his shot and said, "Oh that really wasn't that bad!"

Then Isaak got held down.

He just said, "OWWW! That was it? That really wasn't that bad."

Isaak limped for a little while. 

Neither kid cried!

Next it was my turn to get a flu shot at Walgreens. The boys were fascinated with the fact that I was getting mine in the arm, and not the leg. Then they felt bad for me that my Band-Aid wasn't as cool as theirs.

They went on and on about the Band-Aids they each got. Mica was trying to roll his pants up to show Isaak and I his Band-Aid. His pant leg wouldn't go up high enough; and he almost dropped his drawers to show us. I caught him first.

Am I crazy for not getting the mist? I just don't trust something that doesn't go right into the blood stream. Some feel flu shots are unnecessary. If I can get something to prevent Influenza, I'm all about it. I don't want to miss 2 or more weeks of work. I don't want to be that sick. I don't want that to get passed around in our family. I've found that there are still people that feel like the flu shot covers all illnesses. NOPE! Just one really bad one, Influenza.


Anonymous said...

We don't care to get sick from it either! We used to have to when my mom was alive due to her immune system but we got in the habit of not having to actually worry about the flu. It's so nice esp if you have ever had a really bad experience with it like we did years ago with one. My child did not make it to any trash can or the bathroom, comforter set, lasagna... Enough said :) We haven't gotten our flu shots yet but G is still young so she will cry no matter what.
So glad it was easier on them!

Eat To Live said...

We get our flu shots yearly. Sometimes we still get a little sick but nothing like others get.

When I first met my Hubs, he swore the flu shot made him get the flu. He got the flu bad every year because he refused to get the shot.

One year he decided to go with me to get the shot and has been going ever since.

Are We There Yet! said...

I haven't had a bad case of the flu for many years "Knock on Wood". Flu shots really help as far as I am concerned.


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