Sunday, October 7, 2012

Too Many Errands

I must have took the boys to too many places this weekend. The last place we went was truly awful. Mica was good and Isaak was a punk. Mica used to be a punk shopper, but now he's pretty good.

Isaak's going through a difficult stage! He cries because he think he's not going to get picked up. We've never not picked him up. He wants his nightlight on and his bedroom door open at night. He throws his clothes up in the air instead of getting dressed. He's just a punk with that. 

I've taken him out of Grandma and Grandpa's house with one shoe on because he refused to put his other shoe on. I don't expect him to tie his shoes, and if he has trouble getting them on, I help him. He just flat out refused to try. Out of the door we went. I carried him like a bag of potatoes. He cried most of the way home.

I almost put him to bed with his clothes on Friday night because he kept dawdling with getting undressed. Instead the night ended up with no pj bottoms.

I have to say I'm pretty sick of the words, "I CAN'T!' I want to hear, "I think I can." 

Today at the grocery store Isaak was mean to Mica. I felt sorry for Mica. I stopped Isaak, looked him in the eye and said my words a few times with him. I had my hands over his pushing the cart along. Mica was rewarded. Isaak was put down for a nap.

Mica and I put together a Thomas track. Then we made cookies for company we're having later this week. Daddy's having a committee over to select artists to join in the gallery. There's more to it then that, but that's not part of this post.

Isaak every 10 minutes after I put him down for a nap for an hour, "Mom can I stop sleeping now?"

Me, "You never slept. Go to sleep!"

Sleeping never happened.

Isaak, "Can I have a cookie?"

Me, "Nope! They are for our company later this week. Plus you were not exactly a model child today."

Isaak, "If I touch one then I can have it right?" *Reaching his hand over to touch a cookie.

Me, "Nope! That won't even work. If you touch a cookie I'll eat it."

Isaak knew he wouldn't win and changed the subject by asking, "Is downtown down?"

Me, "No, but I thought the same thing when I was younger."

Isaak, "I don't like the train track you and Mica made for me."

Me, "We didn't make it for you."

Isaak, "Can I wreck it?"

Me, "Only if that's ok with Mica." Sigh!

So he wrecked it and didn't play with it. More of a sigh!

While the Isaak saga was going on, this is what Mica was doing:

Mica made a license plate and cut out streamers (out of paper he colored) for his bike.

Mica, "Where's the tape? I want to put my license plate and streamers on my bike?"

Me, "I don't know. Where's your tape?"

It looks like Santa is going to bring him more tape!

Mica, "UGGG!!!" *Throwing his arms around like some kind of ape!

The rest of the night was devoted to cleaning up, eating dinner and going to bed. 

Did I mention that Isaak peed on the floor in the bathroom today!?!  He didn't have his thing pointed down, while going number 2. BOYS!


Eat To Live said...

OMGosh Alissa, Issac is sure putting you through the wringer. I wonder what his problem is lately. Hopefully he grows out of this soon.

My Grandson who will turn 3 this month is becoming a holy terror. Very disruptive in his day care. We went to see him play T ball Saturday and he was the only one that was disruptive. Hope he grows out of it soon too.

Are We There Yet! said...

I only had one child and it was a girl. I think maybe girls are easier until they reach teen years... then all heck breaks loose. I think a boy would make an easier teen. Hope you can hang on till then.

Masshole Mommy said...

I have 2 boys, so I feel your pain - trust me. My second one is ahem....a challenge. I love him more than anything, but he gives me a run for my money every single day.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sigh. Boys. They do go through phases I think.

Liz Mays said...

Wow, they are testing your patience, I'm sure. You seem to be handling it really well and I love how you stick to your guns about stuff!

~ Noelle said...

broxton has a new favorite word..
NO... i can not stand it... ughhhhhhhhh the past couple weeks have been torture for me... he just will not listen

Kim and Neil said...

You have my sympathy with Issak... Niko is doing a lot of the same stuff here. Sigh... Hopefully this is just a 4-year-old thing! :)


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