Thursday, October 18, 2012

Go Outback Tonight

We took my parents out to dinner on Thursday night. We went to Outback Steakhouse.

It's my parents favorite. We like it to!

I love that they have colors and good coloring sheets to keep the kids busy! Some restaurants have coloring sheets, but they are full of word puzzles that Isaak needs a lot of help doing. I like being able to have adult conversation and not have to help him with word searches.

Isaak's rocking the coloring thing! He's staying in the lines and drawing wise is making recognizable people now. They are still stick figures, but I can tell they are people. He now says that blue is his favorite color, but for a long time he said that he likes all the colors. You can see in this coloring image that he likes all the colors somewhat still. :)

Mica wanted to sit next to Grandma. He loves her!

Then the boys had to go potty. 

Mica went; it seemed he washed his hands. He had a paper towel and was drying his hands off. Daddy said, "Wash your hands Mica."
Mica said, "I did!"
Grandpa and Daddy looked at each other oddly; wondering how he had washed his hands. He was in the stall.
They got back to the table and Grandpa and Daddy said, "Ya we still don't know how Mica washed his hands!"
We all sort of said, "Mica did you wash your hands in the urinal?"
Mica said, "No I washed them in a sink! I swear!"
They went to investigate. We all swore that he might have washed his hands in a urinal. Well Mica was right! Here's the stall sink:


mail4rosey said...

lol, and the men get a little spoiled in the bathroom hahahahaha

We went to Outback this past weekend too...took the in-laws cuz they love it. :)

Eat To Live said...

Hahahaha... thats funny. I have seen sinks in the Handicapped stalls before.

~ Noelle said...

we love outback to, but only go with my parents, as it is not close to where we live ..


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