Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Preschool Conferences

Last night I went to conferences for Isaak. I fist watched my nephews, so my sister and brother-in-law could go to Elijah's conferences. Our boys still have swimming lessons, so Daddy stayed behind and took the boys to those. 

Just a side note - Daddy acted the same way I do when I take the boys to swimming lessons; done in every which way. He was racing around, trying to get them to go to bed ASAP. That's why I give them showers at the Y; have them put PJs there to.

The initial reason why we signed Mica and our nephew Evan up for the preschool Isaak and nephew Elijah go to now is the fact that they have conferences. I hear my co-workers complain about school conferences. I happen to like going and hearing their progress, what they can and can't do. I'm sure I'll get sick of conferences as the boys get older. At preschool level I get to hear a bunch of funny stories. 

Isaak's right on track academically. He's actually ahead in many areas. I'm just judging what Mica did in Kindergarten. 
  • Isaak understands patterns. In fact he was doing more advanced patterns than what the teacher was presenting. She would present red, yellow, red... Isaak said something like, "How about we do three reds, two yellows, three reds and two yellows.
  •  He understands rhyming. The teacher would put the word "man" down and take the "m" away. She'd start to replace the "m" with something else and Isaak would say what the word is before she'd even have the letter in place.
  • He knows how to do basic addition. The teacher would hold up on one hand a certain number of objects and other objects in her other hand. Isaak was able to give her a number as to how many were there.
  • He works well independently and in groups.
  • He is starting to enjoy writing. Sure it looks nothing like Mica's writing, but he likes to try and write words out.
  • His drawings are becoming more recognizable.
  • He knows his shapes, colors, numbers and letters for the most part.
  • They never have problem with behavior. Isaak's always nice there.
  • They think it's good that Isaak's in a different preschool because he has to learn how to play in bigger groups, and he's not always with his cousin Elijah. Isaak relies on Elijah and Mica for comfort with playing. If we take Isaak to a park without his brother or cousin he doesn't want to play with kids he doesn't know. If one of them are with him he'll play.
Just like with everything, and everyone there are things he can work on.
  • He baby talks. I'm not sure why. We have no baby at our house. I still hear, "Me like to do this." in a baby voice. His teachers say they correct him when he does that. We need to start doing that to. I was going the "ignore route" hoping it would go away on it's own.
  • He can't skip. For some reason boys pick that up after girls.
  • He counts to 13 and then skips numbers after that. Once you get him on the right track, he counts right after that.
  • He gets the letters q, d, b and p mixed up. Then numbers 6 and 9 mixed up. That's typical for kids up in to first, second grade to have that problem. 
  • He shows an interest in tying shoes. We're supposed to start working with him on that.
  • Get this: With this preschool he has the problem of being too loud! They said he talks nonstop, in a loud voice. With the other preschool he has the problem of being too quiet. This preschool he's gone to for the second year, there are less kids and his cousin goes there.
Funny stories:
  • The kids like to play like they are puppies. This doesn't surprise me at all. Isaak has about 5 stuffed dogs on his bed. Well all the kids were acting like dogs. Mrs. K had to be the dog catcher. They would all make puppy noises. Mrs. K would give them pretend treats. She would make them do tricks. Finally the teachers had enough of the pretend puppies. They said, "NO more puppy play." What did the kids do? They all pretended to be cats. The teachers said, "NO cats they can't even do tricks." I assured them that I would not send along Scooby Graham Crackers that look like dog biscuits. 
  • Then Isaak was playing in the sand pile with two other boys. They were making sand pies. One kid took Isaak's pie right out of his hands. The teachers never tell the kids to, "Share". Figuring things out on their own is part of development. Now they don't let them beat up on each other, or anything crazy like that. The teacher asked the boy that took Isaak's pie if he asked to play with it? He said, "Isaak can I have your pie?" Isaak said, "Actually can I have my pie?" The boy asked again if he could have it. Isaak shrugged and left the scene to go do something else. 


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sounds like all positives!

The Cranky said...

I always enjoyed school conferences as well; it was amazing and puzzling, the person the kidling was when she was apart from me.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the funny stories. Isn't it funny he is too loud in one place but too quiet in another, I bet Isaak is a very smart, complicated boy!

~ Noelle said...

i am excited to hear about the school conferences for broxton :)

Masshole Mommy said...

Sounds like he's doing great. My little man went into kindergarten this year and he went from playing puppies to playing power rangers. Sigh.

Eat To Live said...

How clever you are. I never thought of a hair straightner to iron on patches.

Are We There Yet! said...

I always liked going to the school conferences too. Sometimes I learned my Daughter was a little social butterfly instead on a student though.


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