Monday, October 15, 2012

This Last Weekend Was Full of Birthday Parties

Isaak was invited to a tea birthday party from someone he goes to preschool with. I thought it would be a good for him to go. Mica has had a few party thing to go to. Isaak gets left out of birthday party events. I kind of wish that I could have dropped Isaak off and picked him up later. Then I could go shopping and Mica wouldn't be part of the party. Isaak and his cousin Elijah were being shy. I could just see tears happen if I would have just left them there. They invited Mica in on the participation. I thanked them dearly for that.

We got the little girl a Golden Book Puzzle and Golden Book. Aunt Terra called me in the morning and asked what I had gotten her. I told her and she hadn't gotten anything yet. What did Terra whip up? She sewed her a super hero cape with a letter "E" on it for her first name and a mask. She's good at sewing! I swear if she didn't have so much on her plate she could have her own Etsy shop.

The birthday party had all kinds of dress up clothes set out for the kids.

Isaak was a giraffe:

Mica kept switching costumes and Elijah didn't want to be anything.

The strangest thing about this birthday party was that they served wine for the adults. I thought it was odd seeing that we were there in the middle of the day with preschoolers. To each their own I guess. It's true that everyone is different. This world would be a very boring world if we were all the same!

Then we had Grandma Spiehs' birthday party the next day. I'm lame and didn't get a photo of her. 

We got her some kitchen stuff and a Hallmark ornament. 

Here's some of the boy cousins:

Technology wins. Cousin Ethan was on the couch; he was so absorbed in what he was doing that he didn't even know Cousin Evan was behind him.

Emerson was tuckered out and fussy. He's hard to get to go to sleep. Aunt Angela got him down. Boy does he snore! HA

It's kind funny that I got this shot. Angela never likes her picture taken. Put a baby in her hands and she'll allow you to take a picture. I don't mind mine taken, but I'm always the one snapping the shots of everyone else.

The kids played well for the most part. Isaak and Cousin Elijah were wrestling and a book was swiped into Elijah's back. There were tears over that one, but no blood. Last week I was told that Elijah threw a train at Isaak. Isaak came out in tears and said something like, "He threw 2 trains at me!" Elijah said from the back room, "He's lying! I only threw 1 train at Isaak!" Usually they play pretty good together. They are boys. I've learned that boys like to play rough!


What I Did Today said...

I just love all these updates. I had a good chuckle over Elijah's protest about the trains. And Isaak is one heck of an adorable giraffe!

The Cranky said...

It looks like a fun weekend!

Masshole Mommy said...

In some ways I love weekends that are full of parties because it keeps the kids busy, but mine always end up getting so blown out by Sunday night and it's almost impossible to get them up on MOnday morning for school.

Love the giraffe by the way!

Eat To Live said...

I know what you mean about always being the one with the camera. Thats Me Too!!!

That would of been a fun Birthday party getting to dress up as different characters. That a great idea that someone had.

Are We There Yet! said...

Is that you I see in the picture in the backround behind Ethan? Can't quite make it out Maybe not. Kind of looks like you though.

I hate my picture taken too!! That is why I must be the one with the camera.

~ Noelle said...

seems like it was busy and fun...
this is so odd, i think drinking is okay... but at a kids party? that is just weird... and that goes from someone that worked in a bar for ages.


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