Friday, November 2, 2012

Fruit Turkeys

The week of Halloween was swamped! Swamped at home and swamped at work!

We started the week out by going to the Y for family fitness. That night we didn't run around and play games. Instead we made turkeys out of part of an apple, wooden skewer sticks, and grapes of all kinds. For the eyes we used and frosting and sprinkles. For the gobbler we used 1/2 a grape and a tooth pick.

Since I always put pictures up of the boys I'm going to switch gears and put one up of me for a change. Here's my turkey:

It was fun. Mica really got into it. Daddy really got into it. Isaak decided to only use green grapes on one side and his turkey kept loosing balance. Isaak also got frustrated that we couldn't read his mind to help him. So maybe this craft is good for 1st graders and up. We all enjoyed it though.

Here's Mica working away on his. He always has his tongue hanging out when he's working on something. :P

Here's green grape Isaak:


The Cranky said...

It looks like great fun, frustrations and all.

And you! You look so put-together, I never managed that as a young mother; go Mom!

Masshole Mommy said...

That's a wicked cute idea. And it's something that I could give my boys to work on to keep them out of my hair while I'm trying to cook on Thanksgiving LOL.


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