Monday, October 29, 2012

The Funny Stuff They Say

Tooth Fairy

Mica lost a tooth on Thursday. He decided he'd write her a letter. It went something like this:

October 25.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Please give me a lot of money, so I can buy a lot of toys.

Thank you,

Your Friend  

In the car the next day I said: Mica what did your letter to the Tooth Fairy say? 
Mica rattled off his letter.
I said: More money doesn't always equal more toys. There are some toys that are really expensive and some toys that are not. You could get one really nice expensive toy or five really inexpensive toys. 
Mica said: Oh.


Isaak said: Mom why won't you let me have those markers sitting on your night stand?
I said: Because the last time you got a hold of markers you drew on our wood floor! No more markers for you, unless they are washable.
Isaak said: Well I won't do that this time.
I said: Sorry, but the answer is, 'No'. Plus all those markers are mine. 
Isaak said: Uggg!
Runny Like Snot

Isaak was in Mica's space. Annoying him like he usually does. I tried distracting him. 
I said: Isaak I need your help in the kitchen. I need someone to stir this! 
Isaak said: Ok I'm coming. I love to stir things! Pause Why am I stirring this Mom?   
I said: Well it's too runny. I have to make it thicken up with four.
Isaak said: Oh kind of like my snot gets too runny.
I said: Sort of like that. Next time your snot is runny maybe we should try rubbing flour on it. Laughing out loud! Pause. I'm only kidding of course.
 Mango Juice

Isaak said: Mom where does does mango juice come from?
I said: It comes from Mangos.
Isaak said: Oh...the thing that stands on one leg.
Daddy looked strangely over to Isaak and I.
I said: He's thinking of Flamingos I believe. Pause. I decided to work with Isaak's thought that Mangos stand on one leg. Yep Mangos pee out Mango Juice. What color are Mangos Isaak? I thought he'd answer, "Pink".
Isaak said: They are lellow yellow.
I said: Are you sure they aren't pink?
Isaak said: Yes I'm sure they are lellow yellow.
I said: They actually come from a fruit that is green on the outside and yellow on the inside.

I wonder if he envisions a yellow Flamingo that makes mango juice?


Masshole Mommy said...

Awww - my five year old used to say "lellow", too. It was so cute then he stopped all of the sudden one day :(

Those kids of yours are pretty darn funny!

mail4rosey said...

We got markers on our wood table...not fun until I google'd & found out toothpaste would take it right out. I keep the markers up high now too. :)

That's funny about the flour, lol

Felicia said...

I love hearing that our boys are very similar! LOL!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What cute stories!

Liz Mays said...

Those two must keep you chuckling ALL the time! Although you made a pretty good funny in there yourself. ;)

Are We There Yet! said...

You could write a book. I think, and you might not remember Art Linkletter but your parents would... He used to have a show called Kids Say The Darnest Things.

~ Noelle said...

I love reading kids phrases... I am writing down funnies that Broxton says, need to start blogging them soon.... ha ha

Maryann D. said...

It is so much fun to read about the cute things kids say. I wrote down some things that my kids said in their baby book so that I would not forget it years later. They always make me laugh!
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