Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lowes Clinic

I know I've blogged about the Lowes Clinic for Kids before. Kids get a free apron, a badge for a completed project, protection goggles (that they don't really need, but look fun), and a certificate.

We love it; except for the times when Mommy's finger gets nailed, or something gets nailed on the wrong way. Two times ago my finger got nailed; I got a blood blister. Last week two major parts got nailed on wrong.

See the side piece that holds the wings on? Yep those pieces got nailed on backwards. Mica was determined that they went on the way he put them on. I was silly enough to trust his instincts. He's so good with building. Then they had to rip them apart. We had to put them back together the right way. That's all part of it; learning!


So have you seen Rise of the Guardians? I haven't. Is it good? Mica's been playing it at recess; he hasn't even seen it yet.

The boys sometimes refuse to have their aprons tied. Isaak likes to wear his in the back. He says, "It's a super hero cape Mommy! I'm super hero Lowes Clinic!" Mica just doesn't want to mess with the tie.

Let me tell ya they get so excited for their new badge. I just iron that badge on with my flat iron. It works great!

They also fly around their toy for a long time. The check out person by the door smiled as we walked out of the store. Why? Because the boys were flying around their planes and making a whole lot of sound effects to go with it.

This Saturday they are building this:


Show up and you can probably build one to. They usually have extra kits; when their website says they are full.


Eat To Live said...

Those planes are really cute and the Gingerbread house is adoreable. Lowes sure goes out of their way for kids.

~ Noelle said...

we had other plans and did not make it to the last one... but we did the sleigh the time before... all because you told us about it;)

mail4rosey said...

I keep saying I'm going to check this out and then I forget. I'm glad you posted about it again.

And high five for using a flat iron for the badge, that's genius! :)

Veronica Lee said...

Love the gingerbread house, A!

Unknown said...

Do you know I've been meaning to take the boys to a clinic for years, really years... perhaps this will be the nudge I need. love this.

Thank you so very much for joining us for An Aloha Affair last week. How sweet it was to end the month together.

Our beautiful December team has gathered and we are so excited to invite you to join us for... An Aloha Affair. Come mingle and grow with us, you are always welcome. Always.


Masshole Mommy said...

Yes, we saw Rise of the Guardians last weekend and the boys loved it!

Their projects came out great and I love the one they are doing next weekend. I wonder if they are doing the same project at my Lowes? Hmmmm....

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love the craft activities Lowe's offers free to the kids. The plane turned out great!

We haven't seen the movie yet. Maybe this weekend though. I hope it's good!


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