Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Thought We Had Allergy Issues

Maybe we do have some allergy issues. We have more than that. Mica, Isaak and I must have had a cold. It's no wonder...the weather really can't make up it's mind.

It seems like between seasons is when a lot of people get sick. This year after every major holiday we've gotten hit with something.

We usually get it from Aunt Terra's clan. Cousin's Elijah and Emerson are always sick it seems.

Isaak got worse last night. Then today he had a fever, didn't want to eat, didn't want to drink and didn't want to walk. Yep I carried him from the house to the car. I won't be able to do that too much longer. He's getting heavy! It's a good thing I don't carry him around on a consistent basis. That's just asking for back problems.

On the way home from Grandma and Grandpa's house this is what Isaak looked like:

I told him we could cuddle and watch a movie. He fell asleep, while I was doing dishes. Tired sick boy went to bed at 7, but more like 6:30 if you factor in sleeping in the car, and while I was doing the dishes.

Sleep truly is the best medicine for sickness.


Anonymous said...

Awww, poor guy! I hope he's better soon.

Masshole Mommy said...

Oh, poor Isaak! I hate, HATE to see kids sick like that, but you are absolutely right - it's good for them to sleep it off. If he didn't need the rest, he wouldn't be sleeping, right.

Here's to hoping he feels better SOON!

Eat To Live said...

Sleep is very healing. It recharges out bodies. I like to sleep when sick but most times can't.

He looks like a little angel there sleeping.

Theresa Mahoney said...

He looks miserable! I'm glad he was able to come home and get some much needed rest!

~ Noelle said...

hope he gets better soon


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