Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Little Sod House

What I didn't show, or mention in my Toadstool Park post is that they also have a little sod house to visit. It's made from the same stuff as the rock formations the boys were climbing on. The roof has all kinds of things growing on it.

The Roof

Two Crazy Kids

Two Crazy Kids and One Sweetheart Mom 

Two Crazy Kids and One Crazy Daddy

We Discovered a Window
 Then this happened before I could say, "No Jumping!" I had my camera at hand though. So snap, snap I went.
 Monkey See, Monkey Do

If this little sod house falls apart, it's my children's fault!

There also was a windmill nearby. I love windmills, so I had to snap a picture of that to.


Eat To Live said...

hahahaha.... they sure did have fun didn't they. I bet Laura Ingalls and her siblings never got to jump out their windows like that.

Unknown said...

I've seen houses like those, too cool!! Looks like an adventure.


Theresa Mahoney said...

Well, boys will be boys! Who can resist jumping from the window? lol

Maggie said...

We saw a sod house too it was part of the Oregon hiking trail outside of Ogalala really neat :)

Veronica Lee said...

Looks like the boys were having a swell time! I can totally feel the nostalgia of the
Little House on the Prairie days.

Masshole Mommy said...

Hahahahaha! My boys would be jumping out the windows, too.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh my gosh this is one of the most unique things I've ever seen!!

~ Noelle said...

that is so neat... i love that you got such great photos :)


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