Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The last few days I've had a mixture of happy and sad. Happy because we got back from a great trip, and sad, well I'll explain why.

•I got a message that my one of bosses when I first started working here died of cancer. He made it not a very easy place to step into work at. He and the owner saw different things. It turned out that he was making things up about the owner to the teachers. He always got my name wrong to. When you work in a small company you just need to know everyone's name in my book. Part of me felt guilty for not feeling sad that he had passed. He was a great Dad and husband. He just wasn't so easy to work under.

•Then I saw that one of my students had a best friend that passed away. I don't even know her friend. Here I felt more sadness to this stranger, than I did of an old co-worker. I do know that my student has been friends with her since 2nd grade and she was young, 19 years old. I saw pictures of her. She was happy in every photo. She was planning on getting married. I found out that her Dad had what they thought was an unloaded gun. Somehow she got shot. As crazy as it sounds, it was an accident. This girl was her Dad's everything! I just couldn't imagine how that whole family feels!

•The boy's Great Aunt and Uncle live close to a fire that's going on in Arizona. Scary! There is hardly any rain there to control a fire!

•Today I read an awful story about someone living in Council Bluffs, which isn't far from here. Three people in a home abused their disabled son! They would put silverware on the stove and burn his bare skin with it! They would make him sleep in the garage with dog chains. After reading that I seriously felt sick to my stomach!

•Then I read this blog post and cried. It's about a mom who has tweens. She dislikes that instead of experiencing firsts, she experiences lasts now. My older sister is going though some of the same things she was talking about with my oldest nephew. Being a teacher of older kids/young adults I know it will happen where I too will not be the center of my kids' world someday. I'll get sassed at; their friends will be their everything. I don't know why, it isn't even my world right now, but I cried.

I need to stop reading the news.


Eat To Live said...

That story of the parents abusing their child just makes me want to go do the same thing to them and see how they like it.

By the way... I do know how to spell bait. not sure why I spelled it bate. LOL... I have been spelling a lot of things bassackwards if you know what I mean. Not sure what is going on with me.

Eat To Live said...

LOL... what a ditz i am. I thought it was me that spelled bate and it was you. That is so funny... I thought maybe I put it in my post.

Unknown said...

Sending a hug your way, that's some sad news. I hate the news, it's so depressing. :(


Theresa Mahoney said...

Some days it just seems like there is just more sad than happy news. The story about the girl is so tragic! We had a story here a few years ago. A grandma hid a gun in her oven. Forgot all about it, then preheat the oven. It caused the gun to go off, and shot and killed her grandson. Horrible accident stories like that always leave a sad mark over my heart.

The Cranky said...

Sending you a gentle hug.

Masshole Mommy said...

The story about the people abusing their son makes me sick, too. Thank god they were caught or who knows how much longer it would have gone on. What is wrong with people???

~ Noelle said...

hugs to you...
i also got teary eyed reading alicia's post about her kids... it scares me at how fast they grow up!!!!

mail4rosey said...

I've had days like that too where the news just really got to me. :(

I'm sending over big hugs too.

Anonymous said...

I know a few people who religiously avoid a lot of news for that reason.

The not feeling so bad about the difficult man is human I think. You are admitting it, & think perhaps other people sometimes feel an ungenerous sentiment(all people do at one time or another) & do not admit it. ~Mary


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