Monday, August 12, 2013

School is Starting!

Everyone starts school at different times. This is the crazy week for us to start. I may, or may not be able to blog a lot this week. I do have somethings planned ahead. There is always the first things to grade. I begin with my art students early. I expect references and tiny sketches called thumbnails right away. In one of my first year classes they are doing a project out of only white or clear paper and materials. This is for me to grade them on craft. Then we dive into logos for a manual for my third year class. My other first year class they begin painting black and white paintings and add color washes to that. In that class it's an exercise to study values. It's a busy, yet fun week.

The boys start school on Wednesday. Isaak wishes he was 4, so he could go to preschool again. I didn't tell him this, but I wish I was 4 again to. All their stuff is ready to go. I even bought treats for Mica to take to school for the second day of class; since his birthday was on August 10th.

I know I'll we'll be tired from over stimulation this week and next. Daddy won't understand why I'm grumpy when I get home. I'm generally like that they first week or two of school. I don't mean to be. It's just a lot of stimulation I'm not used to. He says I have, "Teacher Tone!"

If you are looking for cool back to school things, now's the time to shop. Actually wait a week or so. Everything will go on clearance. My Back-to-School Fashion Pinterest Board must of been sent out to gobs of people. I'm getting emails left and right that people like this or that. Many new followers. I just can't keep up with it. Usually I open each and every email to see what they like, if I should follow back and such. Now I'm just like great another liker! If you want to see my  Back-to-School Fashion Board go HERE.

Just a handful of my favorites from the board:

Homework Pencil Boxes from Stuck on You. I'm getting ready SOON to do a review and giveaway for them. I love these pencil boxes!

Making Self Portraits. This would be cute to have your kids do this once a year!

Do it yourself felt no sew pencil roll.

Paint with chalkboard paint on your kid's lunchbox. You can write them messages everyday. This of course only works with metal lunchboxes.

The Piggy Story is so fun! It's for littler kids. They have lunch boxes, aprons, artfolios, dishes and more. I bought 2 lunchboxes from them. They came with a dish set inside them and stories to!

I have a lot of teacher gift ideas on my Back-to-School Fashion Pinterest Board as well.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I would imagine it would be a big adjustment going back after the summer off.

I LOVE that pencil box. You have some fun ideas here.

Do many students bring you back to school gifts? I have seen some cute stuff on Pinterest, but I didn't want the teacher to think we were annoying brown nosers. I'm just not sure if people do that here or if it would be weird - we go to a really small rural school. I always do something for Christmas, teacher appreciation, and the last week of school though. I am tempted to send in a couple of loaves of my homemade cinnamon bread later this week though (it's our first week back too). It's really yummy and I usually do this off and on through the year for all of my boys' classes. The kids and teachers seem to enjoy it!

Eat To Live said...

I bet it is a double edge sword for you when summer ends. Kind of happy to go back but yet you would love to stay home....

Ai Sakura said...

Hope you manage to get some rest this week despite your hectic schedule! Love the idea of the chalkboard metal lunchbox!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Theresa Mahoney said...

Cute pencil box! We don't go back for another week. I am trying to get the girls back into a bedtime routine so they aren't so cranky next week. I'll kind of be sad when they go back, but on the other hand, I am totally looking forward to it lol.

Catch My Words said...

You look like you've gotten everyone ready. The kids are already into their second week of school (third week for me).

Masshole Mommy said...

We still have 3 more weeks of summer vacation left (we go back 9/4), but I just know that the 6 year old is going to have a meltdown the first day. He melts down on a regular basis and I know he's super nervous about starting first grade in a new school (even though he will be in the same school as his big brother now). He's been acting out already, but I know him and I know what's coming the first day.....I am bracing myself now.

mail4rosey said...

Teacher tone, hahaha. Everyone knows not to mess w/the teacher tone. :)

I love that chalkboard idea in the lunchbox!

~ Noelle said...

how funny...
teacher tone... thanks for the laugh


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