Monday, September 2, 2013

Saturday Night Was an Emotional Roller Coaster

This is what the boys are like if they go to bed super late the night before.

At dinner time, Mica: "Why do we get this when you get Pepper Jacks? No fair!" [Insert whiny voice.]

Me: "Because this is the other 1/2 of my meal from last night. You wouldn't like it anyhow. It has spicy peppers in it."

For the record I fed them chicken, broccoli, and cherries.

Isaak: "Mica's tried spicy things before Mom!"

Me: "Just eat!"  

At bath time, They acted drunk. It took them FOREVER to do the littlest thing. If it weren't for them getting their faces painted earlier in the day, and being outside and sweaty, I so would have skipped bath time! It got to the point that I was just dumping the water over their heads at the end.

At bed time, They were quiet for half an hour. I thought they were sleeping.

Mica: "Mom you never fed us dinner! You are starving us!"

Mica started crying. Mica rarely cries. I knew he was only crying because he was so tired.

Isaak: "Mom I'm thirsty."

I wasn't about to get Isaak anything to drink. We stopped getting him up to go potty at 10 PM.

Where was Daddy when all these emotions went down? Why at a football game of course.

The next morning they were all smiles. The starving boy didn't even ask for breakfast. 


Masshole Mommy said...

Oh man, my boys get the same way when they're over-tired.

Side note, my 6 year old hardly eats. I don't know how he even survives.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I hate it when they get over tired! The whining drives me insane! I get that "you're starving us" too sometimes. Funny, because it seems they are eating ever 2 hours. How can you starve when you eat that much!?

Eat To Live said...

Thats the way it always happens... Dad is always away when it is time to disipline.

mail4rosey said...

My son says I'm starving him if he gets bored. It makes me laugh. which makes him mad. Which makes me laugh harder. :)

~ Noelle said...

broxton has been trying to get a drink before bed...i can not deal with that...


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