Friday, September 6, 2013


Mica has homework. It's really easy for him right now, so Daddy gives him more homework. The hard thing for him right now is telling time. I had the hardest time telling time when I was little to. I said to myself, "Why bother? All the clocks at home are digital. At school they always tell me when and where to go." It just slipped by me. Then in 5th or 6th grade I took a standard test, and it was caught that I didn't know how to tell time. I had to go where all the kids who are challenged go; to learn how to tell time. So Mica is learning. He learned last year, but forgot, or it didn't sink in.

Since Isaak doesn't have homework yet, I've been giving him activity books to work on. Previously Isaak had no interest in activity books. I'd buy them for vacation, and he refused to even pull them out. Now that he sees Mica doing homework, he's getting into them.

I set a table up for Isaak in the living room. His room is pretty small, so not a lot of room for too many things.

Then we're trying to get Mica involved with Isaak. Mica generally has always liked to do things on his own. Daddy's talked with him about working with Isaak on sight words. We saved Mica's sight words that he had to learn from the past. Then I had Mica read to Isaak at bedtime.


Masshole Mommy said...

That's great that you're working on telling time with him. With my oldest, they REALLY focused on it in 3rd grade, so maybe Mica will get that this year in school, too. Prior to 3rd grade, the teachers showed them, but it was quick and I don't think it was enough practice for them to actually be able to get it. With everything being so digital these days, it's nice that they still actually teach this stuff I suppose.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I remember that learning time was hard for parents said my sister picked up on it very early though!

Harry Flashman said...

There were no digital clocks when I was that age. Or digital anything else, so I learned analog clocks right off. I can see today why kids would question the need. I am still astounded that cursive has been relegated to the dustbin of history but I suppose if everyone is using a keyboard it is no longer relevant.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Learning time was so difficult for me too! It would frustrate me that everyone seemed to catch on but me.

I like the idea of Mica helping Isaak out with his school work. They seem to enjoy it more when they get a little guidance from the older sibling.

Eat To Live said...

Thats great that you are teaching Mica to tell time the real way!! I would much rather that than a digital clock.

~ Noelle said...

ha ha ha... we are trying to work with broxton on telling time... right now, we have post it notes with the letters of what is going on on the clock... like NAP time... N - one hand on the 12 and one on the 2


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