Friday, October 25, 2013

Isaak's Kindergarten Parent Teacher Conferences

I have to say that we were worried going in to Isaak's conferences. We got a letter a week ago, mentioning that conferences were going to be set up different as an experimentation. They wanted the child in on the conference, and they were going to set us up in groups. I was thinking groups of parents and children would be in the same room. That doesn't seem like a very good way to talk about child; in front of other parents.

It turned out that the group(s) were just the family: Mom, Dad, and child.

Isaak showed us around the classroom, and talked to us about what he does on a daily basis. He read us all the site words that were hung around the room.

Then we sat down with his teacher to talk about his grades, and how he's doing.

Isaak's pumpkin

Isaak's doing good! He got many O's for outstanding and some S's for satisfactory. He's reading one notch above where many students are reading. He says, "I can't!" when he gets to that level. He seems confident with 1, 2, and 3 letter words. When it's 4 letter words, and up he seems unsure.

Isaak's a great problem solver when he wants to build, or make something! Then when it comes to the little things like getting a new pencil, or getting dressed at home he wants adults to do the work for him. In other words he can be lazy.

Isaak's very good about expressing how he feels. He'll come home and tell us about his day.

I told his teacher about some of his creations at home.

Isaak's going to work with the same lady that Mica is working with for challenging him.


Masshole Mommy said...

I love his punpkin and can I tell you how jealous I am that he will tell you about his day? I ask both of my kids what they did and all I get are I don't knows. It drives me nuts. I have to quiz them every day to get information out of them.

Harry Flashman said...

Glad things go well for your son.

Hope the family has a nice weekend.

mail4rosey said...

Congrats to him on a job well done! My son goes to conferences too, but the teacher has him sit on the far side of the room and play his iPad. :)

mail4rosey said...

I mean play with HER iPad. OY He wishes he had one of his own. ;)

~ Noelle said...

glad it was a great conference...
and that it was just yall as the group.. as I sure would not want my kid discussed in front of others...

Theresa Mahoney said...

Such a cute pumpkin! That's great that he is doing good!

Eat To Live said...

I knew Isaak would be a problem solver when building.

Terra Heck said...

Cute pumpkin! Glad to hear he's doing well in Kindergarten.


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