Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Littly Fairy Dust

Isaak was really excited to show me his sticker and missing gap in his teeth 2 days ago. :)

I got the idea to make a dollar bill all sparkly from Theresa's Mixed Nuts. Thank you Theresa!

I think it is Isaak's third tooth lost. I'm not counting. I thought it would be fun to add fairy dust to a dollar bill. I just used a glitter glue pen.

I don't think I'll do this with all his teeth. Mica may get further jealous. Because the Tooth Fairy never did that for him. When in fact the Tooth Fairy never thought about it for him.

It was cold this morning. Isaak didn't want to be outside. I got more crying photos, which was opposite about how he felt with his Fairy Dusted Dollar Bill. He hated this shot, but I think it's funny.

He liked this photo though.


Masshole Mommy said...

That is so cute! He looks adorable toothless ;)

~ Noelle said...

broxton wants to lose a tooth so bad... lol
did he get the sticker at school?

Theresa Mahoney said...

He is just so darn cute! I bet he loves showing off that gap in his mouth where the tooth is missing, then telling everyone about his fairy dust!

Maryann D. said...

Very cute photos! I love when the children lose their teeth and look adorable. Great idea with the fairy dust!
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Unknown said...

I think it is that time. Evan lost one and Elijah has 2 loose!

Unknown said...

How cute this is and it brings back a lot of memories of when my boys were younger and they lost their teeth, now they are all daddies and have kids and they have to deal with tooth fairies and all, the toothfairy pays a lot more per teeth now days then when my boys were younger..LOL, must be the cost of inflation. Enjoyed your post made me remember.. THank you


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